Brazil 2014 World Cup: Stephen Appiah Calls For More Appearance Fees For Black Stars

Brazil 2014 World Cup: Stephen Appiah Wants Black Stars to take more appearance fees.
Stephen Appiah

Stephen Appiah

Former Black Stars captain Stephen Appiah, says he agrees with the demand for higher winning bonuses and appearance fees in the Brazil 2014 World Cup by the senior national team players.

Stephen Appiah also added that Ghanaian footballers are often neglected once they retire from international football.

He revealed this in an interview with Accra-based Radio XYZ;
“They get the platform to represent our country. Players have to take appearance fees. People travel and they have to take appearance fees for the days that they stay there (Brazil). I don’t understand what is going on with all this talk about bonus. It’s the same players who put Ghana on the map so they are doing a good job for the country. If I were there today, I will tell them to take more money.”

“Asamoah Gyan and the rest, Michael Essien are there now but tomorrow when they are not playing, nobody cares about them.”

The Government of Ghana has approved $15,000 as winning bonus per match and $75,000 as appearance fee.

The Black Stars players were initially demanding $19,500 as World Cup winning bonus per match and an appearance fee of $100,000 per player, a move which has been criticized by many Ghanaian football fans.

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