NACOB Boss: SHS students mix marijuana with shito for their meals

SHS students mix marijuana with shito for their meals



The Executive Secretary of the Narcotics control Board says many students at the Senior High School level are mixing Marijuana with shito for their meals.

Akrasi Sarpong says the development worries him because it exposes the youth to the use of illicit drugs.

Mr. Sarpong has been calling for a national debate on the use of illicit drugs over the past one week.

He however told Sammy Darko on Power FM in Accra that the country’s youth are being consumed by illicit drugs.

Report upon report says that cannabis is the number one problem in Africa…its use is pervasive…so it means we have to have a consented effort.

“People are growing them in their homes; people are growing them in their rooftops…that are the reality. It is being used in primary schools, JSS, it is being used in secondary schools; they mix it with shito, university students are smoking even people who are working are smoking it”.

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