PHOTOS: Actress Yvonne Nelson Bleaching Her Skin?

Actress Yvonne Nelson Bleaching Her Skin?

Actress Yvonne Nelson Bleaching

Actress Yvonne Nelson

Some say it’s cocoa butter, others claim it’s shea butter (nkuto) but Yvonne Nelson has confirmed that it’s pure dark and lovely. I’m not sure who is confusing who, but whichever option you choose to believe, there is only one thing we know; Yvonne Nelson’s skin colour is not your co-equal… (who said tweaa?).

There have been several controversies about her skin colour with some fans claiming that the Ghanaian actress is on the brink of turning into the female version of Michael Jackson.

According to them, Yvonne Nelson’s once dark and lovely skin is becoming lighter and lighter.

To shoot down the rumors, Yvonne Nelson has defended herself by saying, she takes photos under different conditions/environments (such as how bright the background is). In that case, she doesn’t expect all photos to appear the same.

In addition, there are a lot of photo editing apps including built-in Instagram filters that enhance the overall outlook of her photos.

So there you have it, we hope this settles the controversy surrounding Yvonne Nelson’s bleaching rumours.

The truth is that, the act of judging Yvonne’s skin colour goes beyond your naked eyes. You probably need enough knowledge in Photoshop, photo apps, cinematography and ‘the wonders of cocoa butter’ before you dare say that Yvonne Nelson is bleaching her skin.

Old Photos of Yvonne Nelson (Dark & lovely)

yvonne nelson old 3 yvonne nelson old

yvonne nelson old 2

New Photos of Yvonne Nelson (Cocoa butter deluxe)

yvonne nelson 7 yvonne nelson yvonne nelson4 yvonne nelson5 yvonne nelson 6 yvonne nelson 1 yvonne nelson 2


  1. i actually like you movies than any other actress,not even to talk about the so called actors in gh.but have lost hope in you with this inclusion of fading your skin.i think you are no real and that makes you fake in the movie industry.remember mic

  2. i love Yvonne more than anyone, beautiful and a good smile, but you broke my heart Yvonne, look at Jackie appiah

  3. owusu janet says:

    I love yvonne nelson but just – because of the bleching – I hate, her very much

  4. Whether u guys fink she’s bleaching or not wat u care….na ur mama born am….#YN love ur new luks u rock a heart

  5. 4rm "unlimited" says:

    Yvonne nelson ur new looks make u look lyk a masquarede xo f*k ur ass…. And quit bleaching ur ugly and disgusting skin if u want ur fans back

  6. Master,she is bleaching says:

    Master,she is bleaching

  7. She bleaching. ..#simple

  8. Oh Yvonne.. O_0

  9. dis is just soo wrong,why ebi by force to be white,u paaaaaa waaaaat aaaaah puuuu! gh girls

  10. Your Name says:

    Y can’t u guys mind yo own business weather she bleaches or not she still remains beautiful•. Go girl u rock!!

  11. dela yao akakpo says:

    never mind anybody ok u are a lovely lady i know of course

  12. dela yao akakpo says:

    i love u no matter what

  13. Michael jackson’s twin sister i hope you saw Michael Jackson well it seems you want to become a bleaching icon good luck with that to be frank u look much uglier than before

  14. Anonymous says:

    guys her skin is her business. Be polite!

  15. Anonymous says:

    So Disgusting

  16. the one says:

    i m madly in love wt mi 0509458733.

  17. Your Name says:

    yvone was the prettiest actress but now she is among the ugliest because of bleaching.

  18. compare yvone’s nowadays with the old ones she even can see a great differences to be frank she is getting u ugly every day

  19. de first time i saw yvone in de movie, princess tyra she was even more than gorgeous but now she is …….

  20. Wetin be dis

  21. yvone jackson ,more grease to your elbow

  22. if she bleachez her bodi na ur bodi gh u are al kokkonsa make u leave her alone
    #YN#u tuu ur tin iz al jealoxi

  23. bush kalala says:

    gh u talc chaw #YN# do ur swag gh go die luv u n ur moviez

  24. God cares says:

    I am no one to judge u , all I want to tell u is God loves u and he is waiting for u Yvonne. It is well.

  25. I pity u.may God v mercy. Uv’e bleached,y dnt u pumb ur breast nd ass lyk’s nt ur fault. Ass hole.

  26. U 9ja people stay out of this and mind ur own business u talking about Yvonne haven’t u seen tonto dikeh now and that girl who call her self ini edo Mmmtchew

  27. thunder blaze says:

    yvonne pls stop bleaching….because as christian you need not to bleach ‘God hate it

  28. Wether she is bleaching her skin or not isn’t our business. She’s getting richer by the day but can you say the same for yourselves? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Some of you have uglier secrets,hers is exposed because she’s a celebrity which makes her life open to public scrutiny. Mind your own businesses and let God be our judge.

  29. Mind ur own business
    yvonne liv ur lyf

  30. Chioma says:

    don’t mind them dear, you are looking very much prettier than before. please what is the name of that cream u are using now? cos I want to use it as well

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