Sarkodie- Mile 7 Saga (Download MP3)

Sarkodie- Mile 7 Saga (Download MP3)

Sarkodie- Mile 7 Saga


Download buttonTrack: Mile 7 Saga

Artiste: Sarkodie

Listen to Sarkodie spitting some real life experience right there! “I’ve never told this story of ma life 2 yall!! *My dark times* this is way b4 Kasahare,” Sarkodie wrote on his twitter page.
Check it out and download it below. This is the mile seven saga.



  1. nana Yaw says:

    man u are ma inspirator…….u inspire me alot

  2. sarkodie if God have bee they i will tek u us my God

  3. Drake Rudy says:

    Sarkodie,obidi de numba 1 mc u r more dan more,u no gt size big ups man.

  4. boi breezy says:

    Bede u nt get size ft yaa pono give me

  5. wolfenson says:

    I want sakodie to be my puppy cos he is de number one rapper i like in this world.

  6. Umar III says:

    Sark u rock man. U r jst 2 awesome nd diff dz y I lik u. Tumbz up.

  7. Sarpong Bernard says:

    Sark, u ar wndafl

  8. Erasmus Bondy says:

    Sark ur 2much.sad Saga

  9. papa.ekow.sharkk says:

    Sarkodie 4 real pple

  10. Sark i remember those days when u were going thru all the mile 7 saga. U re a true soldier and i love the way u have made this a creative story for a good song. U are too much

  11. Erasmus Takinta Bondy says:

    Sark. ur wndafl man in the Africa

  12. saviour jessuca says:

    sark na apart from you na whu be next…………………………

  13. genesis of life….u re truly blessed beyond measure

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. jeff slim-brandy says:

    sarkodie no nie okordiee sarkodieooo ooo…..obede u noe say moni no be problem u ar sizeless

  16. Quabena Danqwa says:

    u good, God Bless

  17. adu gazy says:

    i love like u too much

  18. Anonymous says:

    obedi…u’r really bless

  19. ghulam ahmad says:

    i dnt know wat to say….u’r d best among all

  20. Anonymous says:

    der is noo one like obidi

  21. Anonymous says:

    SaRk u b sick wai no size @ all

  22. u gud God bles

  23. Anonymous says:

    SARK. u get no size. RESPECT ONE LOVE ….

  24. asante emmanuel says:

    Sark u are the best of all

  25. leo_jojo says:


  26. Your Name says:


  27. starboi_larry says:

    obidi elu waaaaaaaaaa

  28. sark for real. …


    I love you sarkodie because you know how to entertain Africans and even Europians thanks for that.

  30. yup sarkodie de God of rap haaa u more dan more kip it up…..

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