Fuel Prices Shoot Up Today

Fuel Prices Shoot Up Today

Fuel Prices

Prices of petroleum products have gone up in the latest review by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

Petroleum products have been increased by seven percent, petrol now is being sold at 2 cedis 73 pesewas per liter, Diesel at GHS2.79 and LPG at GHS2.89 per kilogram.

Kerosene has gone up by 0.38 percent and would be selling at 2 cedi 36 pesewas, while Diesel would now be sold at 2 cedis 79 pesewas.

Premix will be selling at 1 cedi, 25 pesewas, over 4 percent increase from the old price.

The last time prices of petroleum products shot up was 1st March, 2014.



  1. is this the Ghana our fore fathers left for us.everything is high in this country,talk of excuse me to say even sex.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Increasing the price of fuel wil not solve our problems in Ghana.The more u increase the more problems u are creating for us

  3. annonymous says:

    April joke i bet…….

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