Sarkodie & Ice Prince- Shots On Shots (Download MP3)

 Sarkodie & Ice Prince- Shots On Shots (Download MP3)

 Sarkodie & Ice Prince- Shots On Shots

Download buttonTrack: Shots On Shots

Artiste: Ice Prince & Sarkodie

Producer: Chopstix

Two BET winners, two baddest rappers. Ghana’s Sarkodie and Nigerian artiste, Ice prince Zamani bring you this tight track to rock your world. They call it Shots On Shots.

I like the idea that Sarkodie is pushing more English lyrics in his songs. Listen and download the track below and don’t forget to drop your comments, it’s free!



  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Precaution says:

    Nice chune but sarkodie murder zamani.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. hrrrrr u guys are says:

    hrrrrr u guys are great…..Sark u killl it…keep luck….Nonstop.

  6. Just a suggestion… @@Team Sarkodie. I heard Sark went to Jay Z’s office but didn’t come out as expected. What if these two, Sark and Ice Zamarni come together and form Africa’s version of ‘THE THRONE’ or ‘ORTIS’?
    Sark as Jay Z and Ice as Kanye? What y’all think?

  7. sarkodie ibe God dey Blessed u no size keep it up by wiafe perick says:

    You r bless ma man. your days are not going to expired yet. no size Sarkodie.

  8. Ace Label says:

    Heeerrrr Sark killed it as usual

  9. Anonymous says:

    sark the king keep it up dude

  10. Anonymous says:

    sac and ice all the way

  11. Yh kevin nice idea

  12. Anonymous says:

    dope tune..but fink sark did a perfect job

  13. Anonymous says:

    african bst rappers

  14. Anonymous says:

    gh stand up nyc collabo man

  15. Daniel kid coby says:

    In fact sarkodie. b sizeless,priceless,speechless and above all dopeless….I will die for u [email protected]#Team Sarkodie

  16. Sarks killin it, Ice Nyc hook, dope raps

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sark T M gt ur back.T M we go hard

  18. Sarkodie u be too much, great talent

  19. Wow this is something else, gud rap,gud video concept like that of jay z n kanye, and great collabo. U guys are the bst ice n S tin. And to my man sarkodie. I dnt just knw what to say cos u are my very bst african rapper. And i pray for my time to come then i ll feature u sarkodie but on Gospel.

  20. kendricklamar de sark says:

    Jux cnt stop listing to diz dope song
    no comnt on sark rap

  21. best African rapper of de year "SARK" says:

    you are de most valuable artist dat has ever happen to Ghana. keep pushing hard and you will conquer de world “Amen….:…….”

  22. Your Name says:

    We can never bore like u do,africa we dey believe wanna body so u go fit show we nothing come make we teach u,itz Sark-Ice yall already know

  23. pharrell breezy says:

    We can never bore like u do,africa we dey believe wanna body so u go fit show we nothing come make we teach u,itz Sark-Ice yall already know

  24. Sarkodie you are toooo much.that is a talent from God


  26. Sark for lyf man
    #da song is dope

  27. ice & sark says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    sark killed it

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sark, u be too much!!!

  30. franke Williams says:

    Sark and Zarmani I just wish that one day you guys perform at the bet stage together with this #killing song

  31. jeremy fideou says:

    sarkodie the best today n forever.the best rapper for ever,VGAMA AWARDS OBIDI WILL CARRY 6#AWARDS ON DAT DAY 2014#.i wish u the in life.u are ma rolemodel n not only mi ma friends as well.even jay-z respects sark.God bless U N UR mangerment .

  32. Anonymous says:

    Obidi No.1no size you know. The whole GH no bro could feel beat you ok.

  33. asiedurichard says:

    Sark i like u 2 ft youngmoney membs 1 dey Sark u ar the numb 1

  34. maclean says:

    okay sark i cant love you neither can i hate you..You Dope..personally even if you dnt believe you better than Eminem!

  35. stanely says:

    Heeer SARKODIE the whole world u p3….

  36. ice iz the BEST no dout....go zamani says:

    ice iz the best no dout

    in everything we have elders(seniors)n ice iz the senior mahn now



  37. SHOTS ON SHOTS says:


  38. you cee says:

    i like this guys

  39. Daniel From Osenase says:

    …this is an african blast keep it up @teamsark…..any team sark in the building

  40. u guys r unstoppable I bet wiv ma blood on ice n sark

  41. lil sark says:

    #dope sound. sark n ice- shots on shots. u r simply the best mhen. big ups to sarkodie

  42. ziggles says:

    Sark is seriux.gosh big ups

  43. Anonymous says:

    hmmmmmmmm ill!!!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    huh!straight up

  45. Anonymous says:

    sark u killed it….

  46. solo-grandy says:

    u aint got any limit yh.. !! grammys awaits u bro

  47. Asuall sac has killed it in the track

  48. Zamani is too much Yh but Sark is craazy Yh lyrics no ahye wee

  49. Too much Sark, keep on racking

  50. sark u ar toooooooo much .sark for life ooooooooo

  51. sarkodie & ice prince u ar d legend of this tym dis centuries of yours nd d king of rap even self nd international world wild rap u all pass lil wayne,Drake jay-z i meanin all of them

  52. Richie Lynx says:

    sark be snr man de whole gh no size

  53. Front Page says:

    Sark and ice killed de beat.Sark keep it up.SPEECHLESS

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