Alan Kyeremanteng: NPP must win 2016 elections ‘at all cost’

Alan Kyeremanteng 2016 election is a must-win

Alan Kyeremanteng

Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng

Former Ghana Ambsassador to the United States of America under John Kufuor’s government, Alan Kyeremanteng has said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) “must win” the 2016 elections “at all cost.”

Addressing party loyalists over the weekend in America, Mr. Kyeremanteng told the NPP’s New York Chapter that, “whatever it takes for us to get into power in 2016; that is what we ought to do.”

Below are some of the issues the former Minister of Trade and Industry under President John Kufuor’s rule talked about. [Selected]

“I believe that our main focus as true genuine NPP members should be one thing –– how do we get back into power in 2016,” Mr. Kyeremanteng, who turns 59 in Octorber this year, declared. “For me this must be our overriding objective.”

“Whatever it takes for us to get into power in 2016; that is what we ought to do. And I am saying at all costs because the thought of not being in power in 2016 is so frightening that it is difficult to contemplate.

The first is a necessary condition but is not a sufficient condition. But if we have to fix our party …we have to make sure we mobilize the grassroots to be at the center of our campaign… If you don’t have an effective grassroots machine it is very difficult to win power.

Secondly, we need to work as a united family. I believe what you hear or see in print may not be as frightening as what is on the ground. I am sure most of you may not know this but I have a very good relationship with Nana Akufo Addo… [And] we still maintain that relationship and I believe we will continue to do that.

It is our challenge for all those who will be competing for leadership to make sure that we translate this brotherliness to our supporters on the ground. I think that is where the problem [is].

If we fix the party, I still believe that we need to be able to elect a candidate who the people of Ghana will vote because it is all about power; any other consideration must be secondary.

I want to be very upfront…I think that we have our own senior brother, Nana Akufo Addo. He’s represented the party very well on two previous occasions. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it’s not been possible for us to get into power. I think that we must explore other opportunities and that is why I will be putting myself up as a candidate when the nominations open and I am here to seek your support.

The challenge that we have is not convincing our core voters in the party,” he explained. “… Almost invariably you can imagine that if everything goes well you can expect that our core voters will vote for us. The difference lays in how we convince the swing voters …

Let us try to understand the psychology of these swing voters…. They are swing voters because there are not aligned necessarily to any party. When you want to deal with a floating voter you’ve got to understand his psychology and almost invariably it is a question of this is the man I want… The advantage that I have is that I have an appeal, somehow, to these floating voters.

We have a margin of between 300[000] and 500,000 people who always decide the final vote and so I ask for your support because if indeed we can all work together to put me as the next flagbearer, I can assure you that 2016 we’ll be back in power,” he said to a rousing applause from his audience.”


  1. negro bindees says:

    Alan is on a g8t point…..

  2. negro bindees says:

    Alan is on gr8t point

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