JJ Rawlings: Ghana Needs Massive Clean-Up In Government Machinery

JJ Rawlings calls for massive clean-up in Government

Mahama and Rawlings

Prez Mahama and Former Prez Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has called for a massive clean-up in the government machinery to fix the nation’s ailing economy.

Speaking at the National Economic Forum in Akosombo, National Democratic Congress (NDC) founder reiterated that the need for a serious clean-up will require bold and selfless persons which he believes can be achieved.

“If we cannot see or recognize what I will call the ultimate objective, then to be quite honest I don’t know what we are about in this country.”

“We cannot escape with this and getting away from it is going to be pretty difficult unless we are ready for a very serious clean-up that will require bold and selfless men and women: we have done it before and it can be done again.”

Former President Rawlings continued by calling on the government to make immediate changes to its policies in order to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians.

“Many aspects need looking at and examining and dealt with seriously, but I think it is very important that something that is happening in this country does not escape us.”

He continued;

“If it does we will be losing sight of what really we are going through: the economic disruption and political behavior that has been foisted on this country since 2001 has been ignoble and yet if you look and listen to the statistics the last speaker gave it might give you an idea or an indication of when it started and what I am talking about.”

“I have always said it but the propaganda machinery keeps trying to disrupt it but now we can hear it for ourselves.”

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  1. James Bisum says:

    Such support and truthfulness is what can build Ghana, may you live long.

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