Profuse Resources on Funerals is Great Ignorance

Profuse Resources on Funerals is Great Ignorance funeral in ghana
funeral in ghana

Modernisation is gradually fading our exalted tradition in communities and we seem to live foreign life scornfully at the expense of the prestigious practice we inherited from our forefathers.

Ignorance as one could imagine spreads rapidly and majority sees heinous practice as great fashion to emulate in the society. We Ghanaians have time for so many worthless activities, but pay little attention to essential events which could promote the growth of the economic in Ghana.

Nobody bothers much about this negligence even with its serious effect in our everyday life. There are challenges involved in reckless living and we must not take it lightly at this very moment.

We cherish death more than the living, since obsequiousness has been the life style we inherited from our colonial masters. It has suddenly become a tradition and no one could avert this phenomenon of cherishing a relation if only he breathes his last. For sure, death has swiftly become a fashion and its increasing rate cannot be underestimated.

Dead is now considered a diamond and people have had to prepare for months in order to have their departed one buried. There is a question which baffles my mind, and I seem not getting solution to it for years: After one dies, does he go to heaven in accordance with a gargantuan funeral meant for him? Perhaps, some people believe, when the soul shall have a perfect rest in heaven. I am however on the view that when one dies and buries instantly he walks straight to God with fresh blood, which I deem could be the smooth and easy journey for anyone who dies and seeking for God’s kingdom; even though we know one might be favored for the kingdom of God on account of God’s judgment.

Research has showed how dead bodies suffer in mortuaries. Some even get rotten, become unpleasant and cause health hazard to the living. “One must enter the heaven with a fresh body and not with a putrid body”. That is my personal believe. No one could tell whether dead bodies deposited at the mortuaries awaiting burial are still happy with their family and friends who dumped them there for years. Perhaps, the dead has it peace if only it is buried. I do not practice Islamic religion but I have acknowledged the fact that their practice is the best and must be encouraged among Christians in order to deliver Ghana from this current economic hardship. Our forefathers’ funeral celebration was a very sorrowful and economical one, and death was hesitant to visit them at the time. Today funeral celebration has become a serious party so as people pray for death in order to have Saturday get-together. We should consider this practice a forbidding and focus on nation building which could be a blessing to all Ghanaian.

We spend unreasonable amount of money on our departed ones to show how much we love and care for them; but the question is: in what way do we contribute to the care and the love we assume we have for these deceased when they were alive with heath, financial and social problems. ? We attend people’s funeral and make huge contribution on the funeral ground to show our worth capacity. We drink, dance, rejoice, and meet our love ones which are even more than Easter celebration. Do we still dispute the fact that the dead might not be happy with the living on grounds of how they are being maltreated? For now, it’s left to you to ponder over the sycophancy of cherishing the dead body more than the living.

Ama John

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