Shatta Wale ft Sarkodie- Dancehall Commando Remix (Download MP3)

Shatta Wale ft Sarkodie- Dancehall Commando Remix (Download MP3)

Shatta Wale ft Sarkodie- Dancehall Commando

Sarkodie and Shatta Wale

Download buttonTrack: Dancehall Commando Remix

Artiste: Shatta Wale featuring Sarkodie

Producer: Shatta Wale

Dancehall meets Hiplife! A lot of Ghanaian music fans have been waiting for a collab between these two artistes and it’s finally here.

One of the hottest Dancehall artistes in Ghana, Shatta Wale and Rapperholic Sarkodie bring the remix for Shatta’s Dancehall Commando single.

This is one of the tracks off the ‘Think Big mixtape.’ Listen and download it below and don’t forget to drop your comments. It’s SM4Lyf!


  1. Dis is crazy chaley!!!!!
    Dis one is de badest collaboration ever nd 4rm all ODK (Odorkor) boys
    sack nd shatta 4ever de big bosses
    big up 2 all ODK boys

  2. p*sy cypher (twedeye) says:

    shattasark no size

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obidipon bidi, u are simply tha rap messiah. I DEY LISTEN to ur traks 24/7. You are too much.

  4. Anonymous says:

    dis is crazy

  5. Anonymous says:

    big up to shatta no size

  6. no size says:

    sark & shatta it crazzii
    no size

  7. eugene kode dadzie says:

    this is the type of collabo i want to hear,,i feeli this ss songs so much

  8. Nana kwasi says:

    sark no size

  9. vimboi tyma says:

    shattawale-sakordie collabo…hm?no comment

  10. Sark and shatta
    Hmm this is dope

  11. burkins says:

    sha shata wale,sark sarkology big upz best collarbo vgma 2015

  12. Anonymous says:

    de bxt hiplife artist sark duin wht he is bxt AT!

  13. Mohammed says:


  14. this colabo nice no size

  15. Dis b dope colabo. Bigups shatta n sark

  16. No size shatter n sark

  17. No size ..u guys u be toooo much

  18. slopianswale says:

    sarks no size u kill e all e music keep it up bro………………

  19. Don Bright says:

    boosu baakope Sarko,wo y3 sizeless

  20. LOGYPEE says:


  21. kalas karna says:

    banger fi the people..sm4lyfe

  22. Lightta says:

    shatta Akwatia Technical Boiz dey feel u wail

  23. cosby jamaica says:

    chale track no ye sick

  24. Shatta 4 Lyf .. follow me on instagram : boybetterknow_

  25. cosby jamaica says:

    i no go fii live without dis track boyz mo ye bue

  26. i really love this song you guys are too much

  27. bizzi man says:

    sarkodie finish the track from the very beginning…

  28. Alexis Agbett says:

    Tweeeeea who say sark +shatta=enemies? Its totally BigÑO. big ups to all Agona Aboano Boiz and to u Samuel agbet

  29. kofi boakye says:

    Big up’s 2 all my guys in ODK(odorkor off town) it b a long tym we being waitin 4 dis track bt 4 me no wahala oo..! Tnx bosus


  31. Stephen Freeky Dadzisode says:

    Shatta sark….. Kooomi.. Keep de fire burning

  32. nana ben says:

    Oh wale +sark y u want kill us

  33. Young Milla says:

    Great 1 shatta & sark

  34. Sark n shat no sizzzz u gayzzz ar toooo mmmmm

  35. Anonymous says:

    wow!!! love this track!

  36. mi love ma man that.Sark for real no size.

  37. vacelia says:

    Shatta my bro. keep luck. sark thumbs up

  38. Sark u be toooooooo much

  39. Anonymous says:

    Dis means dogo song will never die. Where ever u are biaaa we need u back to the game.

  40. Ahorlu Wisdom says:

    sark cum shatta, is a wonderful combination

  41. DANIEL ADJEI says:


  42. DANIEL ADJEI says:


  43. DANIEL ADJEI says:


  44. Gaza Movement says:

    king of kings.lord of lord,congaring lion de king of judah,dat is JAH has bless u 2 SAKORDIE N SHATA WALE NO SIZE .KEEP DE FIRE BLAZING.

  45. Rahouf mola says:

    shatta sark kuyikomii

  46. ras kobe of mataheko says:

    Fire can’t cool for you guys
    bigup yourselves………..more. Fire

  47. Gahuocho Kwatchey says:

    SARKODIE is my best friend

  48. Maame Dufie says:

    I rlly lyke dis music A lot

  49. SAR.u are de boss

  50. Shatta-Sark says:

    heyy Shatta, M3gye wo girl ……. Shatta Sark…. big up, u b too much

  51. Sark be De man ….huh baako y3 10k

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