Shatta Wale- Letter to Charter House (Part 2) Download MP3

Shatta Wale- Letter to Charter House (Part 2) Download MP3

Shatta Wale- Letter to Charter House

Shatta Wale

Download buttonTrack: Letter to Charter House (Part 2)

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Dear Charter House,

So why would you give awards to someone who doesn’t need it? Shatta Wale is bragging all over the place that he doesn’t really need the ‘Artiste of the year’ and the ‘Popular song of the Year’ awards. Seriously?

He is also lashing at you for not being able to pay the GH70,000 Cedis he requested as performance fee.

This is the second part of the ‘Letter to Charter House’ series (which started last year), as we wait for the third one next year, enjoy this.


  1. natti... says:

    shata they gave it 2 u accepte it ,,,,,,,good wrks done

  2. wale be tooo much, f**k you chatter house

  3. Shatta b de best

  4. Martin Golightly says:

    SHATA u b 2 much.

  5. polo frm dansoman says:

    shatta.. Really… You shatta dem … But dem steel steel ur man pop skini

  6. Just 70000 cedis charter house could not afford it and brought someone from out and paid 1million burn you charter house.shatta we are behind you and always speak the truth cos some of the musicians are afraid to speak out.empire for life

  7. Capone says:

    cant wait for shatta wale’s career to come to an end.he talks too much

  8. Artist For the Year is not small Thing

  9. ME n only me says:

    u deserve mor dan 70,000…u raised samini,pop skinny n d2 from e dead!!!!

  10. shata yuh bi too much.mi lyk yuh cox u always speak de truth

  11. governor.raph says:

    u de best!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Infact shatta u b 3much!!!!

  13. shatta soo shatta

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. shatta u r jux reignin u ll pass soon says:

    very soon shatta wale will b history

  16. mallamzy says:

    stonebwoy better pass shata wale

  17. Shatta Wale has the right to put good things into the ears of the people of Charterhouse

  18. Opoku Black T says:

    Shatta Wale you are Ghanaian and in Ghana , we role on freedom and speech rock . I support…

  19. JAH VINCHI says:

    wale for real bt make u apollogise

  20. shatta wale frm obuasi says:

    Messages…. S. M. 4lyf……..i back u…

  21. Jah Glory Ofosu Mensah says:

    U Be 90much
    I Love Ur Everything
    U Be De Best Whole Ghana
    U Trully Deserved De Award
    Dont Rate De Haters
    Don’t Take Bar Chat Ihi
    Ur Laughter Only Kills Me Hahaha
    I Know Lot Of Ur Tunes
    Shatta Stay Blessrd
    This From Jah Glory Ofosu Mensah

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