TWITTER: US Embassy Apologizes to President Mahama Over “Errant Tweets”

US Embassy apologizes to President Mahama over Twitter comment

US Embassy Apologizes

The tweet was a direct reply to an earlier message tweeted by President Mahama.

The United States Embassy in Ghana has issued an apology to President John Mahama and Ghanaians through its official Twitter and Facebook accounts over what it described as “errant tweets.”

The tweet, which was a direct response to an earlier message tweeted by President Mahama has since been deleted.

President Mahama (@JDMahama) tweeted:

“As a people, we have had to make sacrifices. I wish to assure you that the results of these sacrifices would begin to show very soon.”

Four minutes later, the official account of the US Embassy (@usembassyghana) replied President Mahama’s tweet:

“@JDMahama and what sacrifices are you making? Don’t tell me that pay cut.”

The US Embassy later said the tweet was a private message mistakenly sent from the account and the message does not reflect the views of the United States Government or the U.S. Embassy. The embassy also apologized to the Presidency.

“The earlier errant tweet was a private message mistakenly sent out on our account. The views expressed in no way reflect the views of the USG or the U.S. Embassy. We have taken steps to ensure that all of our employees fully understand their responsibility toward carefully managing our public outreach through social media.

We have apologized to the Presidency and we offer an apology to the Ghanaian people.”

Here are some selected response from the various social media networks.



@USEmbassyGhana assuming it was an error, so the Private conversation was between our president and your staff? Or the Ambassador himself?
by ‏@AmzahAhmed

@USEmbassyGhana Your social media credibility and security are questionable. Will u sack the person if it had been an insult to Pres Obama?
-by @maxihere

@usembassyghana guys dont worry..whoever did it,spoke our mind..if u had praised them,they wouldn’t hv complain.


Here are some selected response from the various social media networks.


Quabena Phrimpong: Apology accepted but I see nothing wrong with what you guys tweeted

Cyril Sunday Abagna Alando: Hei look here US Embassy, u will rather apologise for apologizing here. U spoke the minds of several million people, and u turn around apologizing? For what??

Nana Nhyira Wilson: It is unfortunate that an employee mistakenly tweeted on your account. i read it, found it distasteful and unacceptable. Respect for the presidency may not be valued but as much as i respect the white house, the ambassador, I expect same for my president.

Richard Kwabla Lumor: we won’t eat apology….instead we want visa

Kwame Atuapoma: Truth is only one…and thats wht your. employee told him

Dickson Kofi Elikplim: We have thrown our identity and sense of pride away even to the extent of applauding a direct and errant attack on our President..hmm…what is even amazing we proudly use the Akan language…we have only one Ghana and lets not forget…Anyway dear, U.S apology accepted.


  1. Ghanaian where is our sense of pride.we even aplaude to people who insult us

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