Sarkodie- Inflation (Download MP3)

Download Sarkodie- Inflation MP3

Sarkodie- Inflation

Sarkodie- Inflation

Download buttonTrack: Inflation

Artiste: Sarkodie

Producer: Julz

The hard economic breeze currently sweeping across the nation is on the lips of many Ghanaians. Inflation is rocketing high and things are simply unbearable.

It looks like there isn’t enough space to describe the current state of our tattered economy, but Sarkodie rather chose to give a picturesque accounts of the situation in a three-minute song.

From ECG to Parliamentarians, assemblymen to former Prez Kufour & Mills, all the way down to Prez Mahama, all had their ‘fair share’ of the song.

Sarkodie is therefore appealing to the President to speed things up and address the challenges because Ghanaians are suffering.



  1. Tnx Sark for ur song….
    Our mother land Ghana is in economic hardship, the riches are weeping so badly, then, what exactly will be the color of the poor tears…. Red as blood….
    “Pastors should help me here coz I don’t remember the chapter and verse” this is what the good LORD(JESUS CHRIST..a.k.a. J.CHRIST) say;
    Woe to the nation whose king is a child…

  2. Shadow Net. says:

    Sark. No co-equal !!

  3. hmm!!! well big thanks to sark.our leaders are spending the money and we are the victim of their circumstance

  4. this is wat , i was expecting.
    #bigups* sark

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sark!i luv dis track tnx

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love the song Sarkodie. Speak the truth!

  7. Big upz bro………….kudos, nice track , all hv been said

  8. Datz my Real Sarkodie….Stevo luv every bit of ur music
    Hopping to meet you personal one day………

  9. Daniel Baidoo says:

    nice trak. natin left al been said

  10. y be too much

  11. challey,sark u be too much even de whole people of Ghana support u by dis track

  12. great job sark but don’t frequent this path. Once in a while is fine for as u know this place we live called Africa where everything is possible including honouring Armed Robbers as SAINTS.

  13. sark gud wrkdne

  14. DannyBlack says:

    Sark in fact, u are the dopest among rappers. They even knw themselves that they can’t touch you. Nice 1 der!

  15. GOD'S FAVOUR says:

    Dis track would be titled ‘De Real picture’ big upps bro. M3n nsuro obiaa!

  16. jnr sarkodie says:

    I luv da inflation track sarkodie. keep doing more

  17. I love your track man keep it man

  18. Sak the hole gh nooo size

  19. MESSILONA says:

    Sark u the best musician in the whole world

  20. Best artist I have ever see sarkodie u ar de best

  21. nyc song bt I have nt listen ooo cus I feel u ……….sark # 1

  22. bt sincerely sark …am not happyhi wit ur track “dear rap “

  23. rapper holic

  24. Solja 4 Eva says:

    Sarknation,Sarkodiestreet,sarkology,Rapperholic,dnt evin no hw 2 klasify yhu.Ghana,we’ve gotin a big hero.Kill it erfdae bro.Metu ky3 ma wo braa.

  25. u ma rolemodel

  26. Anonymous says:

    u be too much sark

  27. one time bomb.

  28. Cedar Hero says:

    The best so far. You’ve said it all except the phrase (tro) used to describe the president. Bigups.

  29. Sark u are not Being political that’s the fact of de ECONOMY Jah give u more wisdom.

  30. Fact is always a fact;Big Sark you have hit the nail right on the head.

  31. u spoil dere says:

    Oooooooh my godddddddd….sark u bi killer for dis track.u spoil dere

  32. Sarkodie man impressive track ever

  33. Richie stinero says:

    Sark…….u be tuuu much…i luv ur style…Bigup..snr man.

  34. king pizza says:

    sark u spoil der u bi 2 mach u no get saiz kraaa go on and do ur tin

  35. …sark boys aber33 ooo. talk dem giv us.

  36. young sark says:

    noo size

  37. dagbade courage says:

    thank you for the truth,may God almighty gives you more wisdom

  38. dagbade courage from volta says:

    may God reveal all the hidden secrets of this country to you,gives you knowledge,wisdom,long life and success in your life say amen

  39. Britta Odonkor says:

    Ashoq sef…..Gh…long Liv sark

  40. Tooo much wai, sark God bless u

  41. sak u be sick

  42. Sark u tooo much

  43. anuella mandy says:

    Omg sark u r great indeed

  44. Sark u ar too much keep it up

  45. bha###mmmm says:


  46. If music is a kingdom SARK is a king…..big upmnnmnmmnmn

  47. Sakyi Fynn says:

    I love. U.

  48. obide no size

  49. Sarko u too much big up

  50. Amos Ampofo/Anointing says:

    Sark I luv everything about u infact I dey feel ur songs expecially Dancehall commando.

  51. GRACE fenyiwa wuba says:

    luv ur page

  52. mccleanfrimpong says:

    I like dat sake

  53. James Bookworm says:

    Sark u know something,i wanna b lyk u.i can rap this track from A-Z.Want to see u one day

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