Archbishop Nicholas Duncan: God says Ebola is looking for a door to enter Ghana

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan: God warns Ghana against Ebola.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan

The founder of Christian Action Faith International Ministries, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan is calling on Christians to fast and pray because the deadly Ebola virus is likely to enter Ghana between October and November.

According to Archbishop Duncan, God woke him up from his sleep and revealed to him that the Ebola virus is looking for a door to enter the country.

“I was resting and [at] 1 am, the Spirit of the Lord woke me up and He said: ‘Are you sleeping?’ And I said: ‘Yes I’m sleeping, and He said: ‘Wake up!’ So I did and He said: ‘You have to go into prayer because the Ebola virus is looking for a door to enter your country between October [and] November’.
So I’m telling you, you can write it down. I don’t just say things. I put 38 years of credibility on the line. So if I don’t hear, I don’t talk. When I say it you better believe it,’ Archbishop Duncan told his congregation last Sunday.

He further advised his church members to fast and prayer to avert the danger ahead of the country.

“We need to fast and pray and deal with this Ebola virus that it won’t cross our borders. That it won’t enter into this country…I’ve declared another fast on Thursday because on Wednesday,” he added.

In September, Ghanaian pastor Rev. Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwah Yiadom warned Ebola patients not to come to his church for ‘healing and deliverance’ because he is not ready for them.

Currently, there is no reported case of Ebola in Ghana.

Ebola is one of the most deadly viral diseases known. The current outbreak has killed over 4,000 people in West Africa including Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia being the countries affected most. Other countries that have recorded the disease include Nigeria, Senegal, Britain U.S.A and Spain.

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