John Dumelo Teases Nigerians, “Don’t Say Docto”

Actor John Dumelo makes fun of Nigerian accent.

John Dumelo Teases Nigerians

John Dumelo

John Dumelo has sent best wishes to his Nigerian fans as they celebrate their 54th Independence Anniversary. The Ghanaian actor who is also famous in Nollywood called Nigeria his ‘second home’.

In a Facebook post, he also teased the Nigerian accent by adding that “the word is not ‘docto’ it’s ‘docta’ (doctor).”

“Happy Independence Day Nigeria….my second home. And please the word is not ‘docto’ it’s ‘docta’ lol,” he wrote.

*Since John Dumelo has opened the floor, I’ll go ahead and spill the beans. Below are some commonly used words and how Nigerians pronounce them.

Words and their Nigerian accents

Sister- sisto
punish- ponish
doctor- docto
Husband- Ozzband
Happy Birthday — Api Betday
Chinese — Shy Knees
XBOX 360 — Eggs Bugs Three Sisty
There- diya
Does- dos
Rubish- roobish

Colors- colas
Shut up- shot op
Hurting- hoting
Teachers- teachors
Here- Hiya
Name- naim
Conversation- convozashon
Up- op
Her- ha
Us- os
Tired- tayad
Third- tod
Capture- capchor

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  1. anonymous says:

    you’re so dumb you cant even identify a comedy video when you see one. its obvious you got this idea from a comedy video made solely for fun and not to state or clarify their phonetics. im a ghanian who lived in nigeria before, which comprises of different tribes, and every one has got their own ways of pronouncing words of which the wrong pronunciations are mainly used by the less educated ones especially the Ibos or sometimes Yorubas and Hausas.. and we ghanaians, we eventually do thesame wrong pronunciations badly.. Pastor-Pasteh, Mother-Motheh, Brother-Brotheh so on and so forth. its obvious you are out of news. and so foolishly enslaved in clear jealousy over your higher competitors. i feel nothing but sorry for you who posted this stupidity.

  2. naija ppl accent makes me wanna throw up. gh acent far better and John to stop making fun haha,

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi jd yu are gd in this carrier

  4. What do you know about accent…….you know nothing about the Nigerian accent……and all what you just wrote is rubbish

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