PHOTO: John Dumelo Sells ‘Broni Wawu’

Actor John Dumelo Sells ‘Broni Wawu’

John Dumelo Sells ‘Broni Wawu’

Dumelo Sells ‘Broni Wawu’

You might have already seen a photo of your favourite actors, John Dumelo and Michel Majid selling ‘pure water’ but it looks like there is more than that.

This one shows John trying to sell some ‘broni wawu’ (used clothes) to a tough customer who understands everything about bargaining.

Both photos were taken on the same day some years back. It’s not clear if the two were just having fun or it was part of a movie scene.

According to John Dumelo, “selling is not that easy especially if you have a difficult client like Majid.”


  1. shatta wale foolish

  2. I like john

  3. Samuel Esso says:

    John Dumelo ,i want to see you in person please,you are my mentor and have something to tell you

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