Shatta Wale- Dem Broke (Download MP3)

Shatta Wale- Dem Broke (Download MP3)

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale

Download buttonTrack: Dem Broke

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Mess with him and get dissed. Shatta Wale has been in the news this week for all the wrong reasons. This track is directed at Charter House, the event company that sued Shatta yesterday for making defamatory statements about the company in a series of videos posted on Facebook.

In the video, Shatta Wale warned Mr. Iyiola Ayoade (CEO of Charter House and GhOne TV ) to stop fooling and learn to respect.

But it looks like the Dancehall artiste has a new message for them. Read what he said in the song below.
“I never knew you were so hungry, now you want my money. It’s not about fighting when life turns against you. If you go to the bank to borrow, you can’t force them to borrow it to you.”

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  1. Mercy Emeka says:

    Wale u big fool why u nor dey respect Shatta House, u tink say u get Porch money

  2. Mercy Emeka says:

    Shatta, u re an armrober u steal same one Phone,Money nd Laptop. any problem Whatsap me 0507315408

  3. Never try to insult shatta Wale, He is doing the right thing pls.

  4. Don Shatta UEW-K says:

    Mercy, make u no dis Shatta, ino be de truth wey he dey talk, wey GH person, go fil go Niga den talk dem make dem not play any Niga artist e track.
    woman u look real den dissing REAL Man.
    no whom u 4 dis.
    BIG Up to de entire SM fraternity, SM4Lyf.
    Salute de Real General, Dancehall King.
    Shatta Wale no size
    Don Shatta of UEW-K writes.

  5. How is that mercy emeka fk u .some1 2 tell mercy emeka we get money SM

  6. essel dromor says:

    Shatta u are for real I anyone dissed them

  7. Zeeto kadija says:

    shatta wale tell them ur mind nd pay no mind to those who talk behind ur back … down fall people … if u want to hear my voice, u can call : 0235831193…. my name is Zeeto kadija..

  8. wer 4rm dat ting call mercy eneka.if human being dey talk it shutup


  10. emeka u are p**y,if u try wi go add u t dem bull

  11. Mercy you are a p***yclot. Bomboclot, ya stank self Vampire. You think this be Naija. Go Screw ya self

  12. Guys shown that mercy, she want to defend her fellow Nigerian..kwasiaa. .wale wale or ade wale or what ever he call him.go back to nija. ..broke as negga s

  13. shatta ,dem a ful!

  14. Agu modestus says:

    i love shatta soo much

  15. Abdul-Raheem-{shatta} says:

    Dem nono shatta de pomp sense into their big head of cow down,shatta u re too good like me,we northners re proud of u.By Abdul-Raheem shatta.

  16. kwaisa gyal says:

    mercy emeka ur moda kk…..kwaaaasiiiaaaa gyal

  17. young soul says:

    no one haffi dis shatta cuZ man dey talk sence.shatta movement

  18. CYPHER SPYCE says:

    y some people foolish so?

  19. Shatterpeperic says:

    Oooooioooooooooooooooioooooooooo waleee talk chater house mor nonsense!! Dis not enough am never kk! Mr bad mind change ur lyf style yyy u dey envy mankind! Mr nooooooo nonsense i dey belyf u! Chater house learn senseooooooo waleee is telling u de truth! U ppl ar even hungry u want moni 4rm him wht a pity! Mrs limited useless emeka or wht ever never in ur lyf try dat ur nonsense again kk! I wan na tell u we luv sm tin kk! Yyy u no go do ur tin mak we also do our tin bcos we no get tym go com watch ur tin kk! Waleee me particular i said blow sense in2 senseless also deliver de truth 2 dem not after dey uselessly btrd u! 4 chater house we will always put sense into their head soookk ur moder fool

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