Shatta Wale- Love of My Life (Download MP3)

Download Shatta Wale- Love of My Life MP3.

Shatta Wale- Love of My Life

shatta wale

Download buttonTrack: Love of My Life

Artiste: Shatta Wale

“You are the love of my life, you’re my moving star and my sunlight. Girl you take me higher than a kite. I want to see you by my side, you are my angel in the night. You know I don’t like the argument and fight, that’s why I do everything right.”

Shatta pours out his heart in an emotional love song. Hit the play button to check it out.


  1. I likes Shatta Wale so muc, am a Sierra Leone by nationality. But Shatta Wale is my favourite Artist in Ghana. Thank u very much Shatta Movement

  2. Shatta u tooooooo much lock it on

  3. Alexander bray says:

    Great work keep it up

  4. Paul Agyemang Stone says:

    Shatta waleeeeeee!!!.u too much bro,keep the fire burning

  5. Abdul-Raheem{shatta} says:

    shatta u are toooo december not much,keep on shaking africa thank to sm4lyf funs.

  6. Barrow Nyame says:

    Shatta you be the best in the dancehall game u have no size

  7. Happy New Year

  8. lordingberg Garry says:

    Shatta movement for lyf ….u r doing toooo December over December nt much over much Am Abodie 4real

  9. Lik dis page n to shata wale ………..u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOooooooo APRIEL..Hahahahahaaha

  10. welaya luqman says:

    Shatta unu hv no idea how much mi luv unu mmmmmmmmwaaaaaa

  11. yes to gh music. keep it up

  12. moses kaku says:

    U be toooo much .am a taxi driver people ask abt ur music all de tym.keep de fire burning bro ,am moses kaku

  13. Shatta u no bi dancehall king in gh oooooo u bi africa dancehall

  14. Shatta u no bi king wid one crown u are king wid six crown

  15. Clifford bonney says:

    I like shatter ,eh shafts no siz

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