Pharmacy Council Restoring Sanity in U/W Region

Pharmacy Council Restoring Sanity in U/W Region.

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The Upper West regional branch of the Pharmacy Council has started a rigorous exercise of restoring sanity to the pharmaceutical environment in the Upper West region.

The council commenced unannounced visits to some over-the-counter (OTC) medicine stores and pharmacy shops over the week.

Nine shops in Wa municipality and Wa East districts were closed down for operating contrary to the laid down regulations of the Pharmacy Council.

According to the regional director of the council, Michael Anim Ameyaw, the shops closed down infringed on several regulations such as employing shop attendants who have little or no pharmaceutical knowledge. Other offense includes selling injectable ‘class A’ drugs administered by the OTC medicine dealers.

Michael Anim revealed that some of the shops closed down during the exercise have now been given the right to operate again after correcting their wrongdoings.

“Eight of the nine [pharmacy stores] have already come to our office we have rectified their problems and they are currently operating their shops,” he said.

Michael Anim added that “the one left is yet to visit our office for the rectification of their problems.” This store happens to be the only licensed chemical store which provides pharmaceutical services in Funsi located in the Wa East district.

The council has assured all people in the region who have the capacity to set up pharmacy or over-the-counter medicine shops to feel free to contact their outfit rather than going through third parties for assistance.

The pharmacy council is new in the region and has hit the ground running to ensure drugs dispensed are safe for the people.


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