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SKD- Hustle

SKD- Hustle

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Artiste: SKD

Safari Sound Recordings presents a brand new single from $KD titled “Hustle” inspired by the day to day hustle of life. Listen, share, download and enjoy.


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SKD – Hustle – Lyrics

Chorus 2x
Make you no stop your hustle
No one knows tomorrow

Verse 1
As you see me so
I no go stop my hustle
Stick with the flow
Gat enough ammo
I no dey borrow
Blow through my struggles
To God be the glory
Always there for me
Spend my time wisely
Stay my time wisely
Stay healthy never saggy
Keep it tight bright
We no dey fight
So I can ride this beats like taxi – so savvy
So wisely – so smoothly
Ladies fancy – emcees envy
But I stay firmly fiercely
Cuz firstly my duty
Is to bring big beats to the street
No be elfizzy
But my enemies are fuming
Cuz I come with a different flavour fruity
Truly leave them in a frenzy
Is likely my next car is going to be a Bentley
Trust me cuz I am hustling.

Chorus 2x
Make you no stop ur hustle
No one knows tomorrow

Verse 2
Stay in control
Being broke is something I don’t condole
So I never stop my hustle
Life na battle
Everyday different hurdles
Life throwing different blows
Just the way it goes
Keep your eyes on your goals
Gat to keep going
Watch out for the potholes
Keep your eyes open
For the loopholes don’t stop your hustle
Sometimes is rough even scuffles
Wrestle with different troubles
Keep your focus no question
bound to be temptation
Even draw backs
Don’t fall back is only natural
Don’t feel bad cuz when you don make am
You take am brag
Make them feel your swag
Rag to riches bus pass to jag to much money
I need a big bag

Chorus 2x
Make you no stop ur hustle
No one knows tomorrow
Verse 3
No one knows tomorrow
Follow my dreams create my own window
I no dey follow follow
Big no no stick to my lane never borrow
Now they screaming bravo
A new hero more grace to your elbow
Gat my brand with my own logo
Strike hard like kimbo
Never mellow bring heat like micro
Generating cash flow like bureau – still in charge
And we no dey brag stay calm
No day form here to transform
Break from the norm pay attention and get informed
By the phenomenon
Lyrically fly – never run dry
Doubt me, come try
We never lose
Never snooze – no excuse
We just they cruise
In my coup am supper cool

Chorus 2x
Make you no stop ur hustle
No one knows tomorrow

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