Soldiers Unleash Terror on Wa Islamic SHS Students

Soldiers Unleash Terror on Wa Islamic SHS Students.


Wa Islamic SHS brutalized

Wa Islamic SHS students were brutalized by some military men

Academic activities at the Islamic Senior High School in Wa, the Upper West regional capital came to a standstill after police and military personnel besieged the campus in their quest to restore calm on campus.

Students of the school on Thursday morning refused to eat breakfast and declined to take part in academic activities but resorted to chanting and humiliation of teachers.

The situation was triggered by the introduction of some new levies which the students believed was exorbitant and illegal. The riotous nature of activities by the students and the inability of the school’s management to bring things under control led to the invitation of police to the scene.

While the police employed tact and diplomacy in their attempt to restore calm to the campus, a teacher known as Sulemana Fuseini Jimba rather invited military men into the picture.

The uniformed men subjected thirty-two students, out of which seven were males to severe flogging while they laid on the floor in front of the girls’ dormitory. Weeping and wailing as if slaves were being tortured was how the scene resonated. One of the female victims has since been admitted at the Ahamadiya Islamic hospital in Wa for treatment.

This incident resulted in a heated disagreement between ASP Lysander Asare, the deputy regional crime officer of the Upper West region and the military men who brutalized the students.

A brief meeting was later organized with some members of staff, students and the police. The deputy regional crime officer apologized for what happened. “We are sorry for what the military did. We are ready to protect you so if you see the police don’t panic,” he added.

The senior prefect of the school, Alidu Wah Saani called on students to calm down and continue academic work. He also apologized on behalf of the students for their actions against the school authorities.

Mr. Dramani Tampuori, the headmaster of the school, however said the fees were approved by the Ghana Education Service (GES) which he had no control over. He added that the school had resolved to meet the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) to discuss matters concerning the new fees.

Calm has since been restored on the campus but most of the students who escaped the wrath of the military are yet to return to the school.

Wa Islamic SHS students were brutalized by military men

Wa Islamic SHS students were brutalized by military men

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