Upper West Regional Secretary- NDC Would Have Lost Elections If Held In June

Upper West Regional Secretary- NDC Would Have Lost Elections In June.

National Democratic Congress (NDC)

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The newly elected regional secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Upper West region, Dominic Zineyela, has indicated strongly that if elections were held in June this year, the party would have lost massively.

He told ExposeGhana.com how many lost confidence in the government due to the harsh economic conditions in the country.

“In July if we were to vote, the NDC would have lost because times were really hard,” he said.

The veteran politician said all economic indicators had gone haywire around that period and led many to lose confidence in the government.

According to Zineyela, the economy has started taking shape and people are now reposing confidence in the government. He believes the measures being put in place by the government would lead to a very conducive economy for all by the end of next year.

The regional secretary however admonished that if things don’t get better by the end of next year, the party may be stricken by the fear of losing power.

Talking to this reporter, Dominic Zineyela called on all members of the party especially those who lost the various elections to come together in unity and work to retain the NDC in power. He also called on those who were complaining that some candidates won as a result of playing tribal politics to put it behind them for the sake of the party.

The former deputy regional secretary concluded that he has confidence in the regional executives since it is a blend of both young and old people. He said major strategies would be put in place for the party to capture all the parliamentary seats in the country.

The NDC regional executives of the Upper West region were elected about three weeks ago and the dust of the election is yet to settle on issues immerging.

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