‘Women in Peace’ Calls for Peace in Wa

Women in Peace Calls for Peace in Wa.

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The secretary for Women in Peace, an NGO in the Wa diocese of the Upper West region has met the feuding factions in the recent conflict in Wa to plead for calm.

About two weeks ago, the Upper West regional capital experienced some violent clashes between two factions in which people were injured and some properties destroyed.

According to the secretary of the NGO, Mrs. Rosemary Yakubu, women are often the hardest hit as far as conflict is concerned hence the need to ensure the society is peaceful and safe.

Ever since the land conflict in Wa degenerated into violent clashes a fortnight ago, the NGO has visited the Jujedayiri and Dondoli suburbs, preaching peace and calling for ceasefire.

Mrs. Rosemary told Upper West Regional correspondent for ExposeGhana.com, Oswald Ali, that the NGO will not take sides in the matter as their main objective is to preach peace, which she believes is already yielding good results.

“We don’t have any interest in which group [side] is right or wrong we only called on them to give peace a chance,” she added.

She however told this reporter that the major challenge the group is facing is logistical and financial constrains.

According to Mrs. Rosemary, there are several conflict-prone areas within the region the group need to extend its services but financial setbacks are disabling them from doing it. She called for support to help fund the activities of the group.

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