How Metro Mass Driver Nearly Ended My Life- By Kofi Amlado

How Metro Mass Driver Nearly Ended My Life- By Kofi Amlado.

Metro Mass Transit

Metro Mass Transit

Every one of us who travel in one way or the other needs a careful protection. There are various means by which we travel; some travel by air, others go by car, motor, bicycle and even on foot. Accident has no regard for any means of transport irrespective of how careful one tries to be while embarking on a pleasuring journey. Even though people travel on foot they also experience terrible accidents many times in life.

It is for this reason that drivers of all kinds need to be licensed before driving on our roads. The driving profession had had its good days and passengers had ever enjoyed their good days of traveling. Today, drivers have no respect for the code of ethic of driving profession; perhaps, that could be the result of the numerous accidents we have been experiencing on our roads frequently.

The code of driving is an obligatory responsibility of all drivers irrespective of their status or position in society; thus, drivers of the Metro Mass; which is the state-owned bus, must strictly observe the laid down regulations that govern the driving act more than any other driver in this country.

I wouldn’t have gotten chance to share this urgent article with the public, if the driver who drove the Metro Mass From Kumasi to Koforidua in the hours of eleven, on Sunday 30th November, 2014 in the morning; killed me when he applied a wrong curve to the main Metro Mass station at Koforidua.

One might wonder what had been his reaction when I confronted him to know whether he really possessed a valid driving license before he nearly killed me together with my motorcycle which was right away packed from the main road. I nearly blubbered in public in the process of the dishonest driver’s action of smacking me, and I have to save my face by letting his hand let pass. He discourteously provoked me and asked me to take the matter to any place for a redress. I was eventually discomfited by another rejoinder of other officials around who also jeer at me and said: “It is your fault.” Since there were no one at the Metro Mass office who could listen to my complain, I just shuffled to my motorcycle with my upset leg and managed to ride away. Who could listen to my plight with respect to heavy hands of these Metro Mass officials at Koforidua station at the time of arrival of the driver from Kumasi?

I still marvel why these officers were unable to have sympathy and listen to my predicament. This reckless driving is really something the driver in questioned has been practicing day night, and he must be cautioned by management. I was eventually astounded when he drove that same bus to another unknown destination with passengers running to board the bus after which the back door was opened, while the bus was in motion. What on earth can driver of a state-owned bus take the life of the citizen in that hazardous manner?

Does he actually merit the driving license he has acquired? Even though most of the drivers who drive this state-owned bus were always careful, courteous and always ready to say “sorry” to passengers, this particular driver’s attitude and behaviors has really been a bizarre and a terrible one.

Perhaps, The Ministry of Road and Transport needs to probe into this unscrupulous driver’s attitude and bring sanity to the profession. One could just guess what might have happened to my dead body in case this driver ended my life at Koforidua Metro Mass Station? I value my life, so as I value any other person’s life. I am lucky to be a survival of this heinous act of this driver, hence, I am appealing to the management of the Metro Mass to put regulatory measures in place in order to update their service personnel with good moral and good professionalism in order to save passengers, as well as other motorists’ lives.

Opinion article submitted by:
Kofi Amlado
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