Avram Grant speaks on Ghana’s coaching Job

Avram Grant speaks on Ghana’s coaching Job

Avram Grant

Avram Grant

Ghana’s head coach, Avram Grant has opened up about his coaching job in Ghana after leading the Black Stars to place second in the just ended AFCON Champions.

The Israeli tactician who took the Black Stars job had only five weeks to prepare the team for the continents showpiece as he was tasked by the FA to go and do well.

After the tournament, the former Chelsea boss was praised for his tactical prowess for transforming Ghana’s team.

Avram Grant revealed on how he was able to deal with players from different club background:

“When you’re dealing with players, you’re dealing with people. Each one of them has good days or bad days. And when you’re the leader, you need to show in the right way.

“They are coming from 20 clubs with different environment, different tactics different qualities, players that are playing regularly, players not [playing regularly], players after injuries, player not [returning from injuries] , players with very strong mentality and players that need some help about this.

“For me it’s a job that is very exciting. How to take the best from people because people are not compters; each one is different. And you need to take the best individuals, put them in a team together for one target: winning games.

He opined – “In national team you come for a short time and players come from everywhere. And you need for a short time to put them together. The tactics need to be together, the psychology and everything to put them together to reach the target.

“They need to know that you come from love. I love my job. I love my team. I came from love They need to know that even if you’re tough on them, you’re like a father that sometimes need to be tough on his children.”

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