Kennedy Agyapong: President Mahama should be given 24 lashes, Ministers 18, MPs 12

Kennedy Agyapong says President Mahama should be given 24 lashes.

Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong

According to Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, President Dramani Mahama should be given 24 lashes for failing to live up to his promises.

In addition, the ministers must receive18 lashes each while each of the parliamentarians including him should be given 12 lashes for failing the nation.

He said the President Mahama and the National Democratic Congress have deeply failed Ghanaians leading to the harsh economic conditions in the country.

Ghanaians are currently caught in one of the worst energy crisis in the history of Ghana. Ghana had to buy power from Ivory Coast during the Brazil 2014 World Cup and recently during the Africa Cup of Nation against Equatorial Guinea to keep the TVs running.

Kennedy Agyapong described the situation as “appalling and disgusting.” The outspoken NPP MP said the country’s economic woes should be blamed on the poor performance of the President and his ministers as well as the politicians.

“It is so sad. I think as a Ghanaian and a politician, the only person who can discipline us is God. Probably [God] has to line-up all the politicians in the country [and] give President Mahama 24 lashes, give the ministers 18 lashes each and give all the parliamentarians including myself 12 lashes each. Then after, pinch our ears and let them go back and do the right thing,” he told Sahara TV in an interview.

Mr Agyapong further accused President Mahama and the NDC government of embezzling state funds and questioned their understanding t of governance.

“Sometimes you ask yourself if really we have leaders in the country. President Mahama and his government, their understanding of governance is stealing. Everybody is grabbing left, right and center.

“They are short of ideas, they think within the box. They don’t think outside the box. Everything they do is about money…stealing has become their hallmark. How can you rule with such a mindset?” he questioned.


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    Hmmmm!!!!!!!Sad !

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    Ohh sory! hmmmm2sad may GOD help in hand.

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