Raquel- Lakabo (Download MP3)

Download Raquel- Lakabo MP3.

Raquel- Lakabo

Raquel- Lakabo

Download buttonTrack: Lakabo

Artiste: Raquel

Producer: Shaker

“Ladies should be worth more than diamonds and rings. So don’t sell yourself for materials things.”

This is a special message from songstress Raquel to all the ladies, wrapped up in her beautiful voice. According to her, “all they do is to whisper in your ear telling you the things you want to hear. Pay no attention to what they say.”

But that’s not all, the BlackStar SR Entertainment artiste went further and reminded the ladies that;

“Don’t let your body become a victim of this sinful world. Set yourself free and stop living in hell. Do your thing, that’s all!” Shaker went hard on the beat, lacing it to a perfect Hip-hop flavor. Enjoy!


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