Kontihene: Amanda Jissih was in baby diapers when i started music

Kontihene says Amanda was a baby when he started his music career.



Ghanaian Hiplife musician Kontihene, also known as Nana Appiah has revealed that radio/TV personality, Amanda Jissih was only a baby when he started his music career about sixteen years ago.

This statement was as a result of the verbal fight between Amanda; Kwaw Kese against Kontihene which generated some days ago.

In a conversation with Feeling Daddy on the Penpenaa Show on Spice 91.9Fm in Takoradi, Kontihene said, people become disappointed if you speak ill as a well-respected personality. Therefore, some prominent people have advised him not to push this issue far.

“I don’t want to talk about Amanda anymore because I don’t want to be disrespectful to the prominent people I have listened to. My music career began sixteen years ago. And if you should calculate my age now, I’m sure she was in baby diapers when I released my first song. I don’t want to play around with any child because children of nowadays are disrespectful,” Kontihene added.

He therefore said, he leaves everything in the hands of the Almighty God. Meanwhile, he made it clear that there is no conflict between himself and his fellow musician, Kwaw Kese.

Amdanda Jissih last Monday interviewed Kwaw Kese on Kontihene saying he, Kwaw Kese does not record songs with good content.

Kwaw kese told Amanda Jissih that Kontihene’s career is dead and he [Kontihene] wants to use him [Kwaw Kese] to resurrect the dead career.

Kontihene on reacting to the interview Amanda Jissih had with Kwaw Kese earlier said he is disappointed in Amanda Jissih stating that Kwaw Kese’s entire career cannot be matched with his single song “Asesa”.

Story by: Godfrey Ainoo
Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese

Amanda Jissih

Amanda Jissih



  1. We need peace and love in the music industry, Not fight. we know you guys before the presenter. is the music that we want, not talk show.

  2. Odiko james says:

    lil brezzy u bi tooo mchhhhh

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