Submission Of Articles And Press Release

Thank you for contacting us. In order to speed up the publication of your article or respond to your request, please use the appropriate email address. We may contact you for additional information if necessary. Be sure to read our submission guidelines and terms. We fail to publish about 95% of the articles we receive because most articles do not follow the guidelines.



Entertainment articles, photos, music submission.

News, General articles


General news articles, opinion or feature posts.

General Enquiries and Other Issues


General enquiries, partnership, promotion/sponsorship, advertisements, copyright issues.



Guidelines and Terms


  • [1] We do not accept articles that include but not limited to; adult content, racial intolerance, hate or violence-oriented, advocacy against any individual or group.
  • [2] We only accept news articles that meet our high journalistic standards. Articles must have proper English grammar, good sentence structure and must be thoughtful.
  • [3] Press release or news articles that have been published on other websites or intended for mass distribution will not be accepted.
  • [4] Stick to the news. We do not accept advertorials or promotional articles disguised to appear as editorials.
  •  [5] Articles written in all capital letters ( caps lock) are difficult to read and will not be accepted.
  •  [6] We reserve the right to edit, change the headline or refuse the publication of any article or other submissions.
  • [7] Music submission- Please provide the following details when submitting your song: (1) name of the song (2) artiste (3) producer (optional), (4) unique description about the song/artiste. You may also attach your photo or artwork for the song.  Specify the country if the artiste is not from Ghana.
  • [8] By submitting your song to us, you accept that you are the owner of the song or have rights for its distribution. Songs must not contain jingles from other websites or blogs.
  • [9] Due to the high volume of emails we receive sometimes, we may not be able to respond to your request immediately. Please note that some articles may take several days to be published.