2013 WASSCE SHS Rankings- Full List

2013 WASSCE SHS Rankings- Full List


The WASSCE league table was compiled by the Statistics, Research, Information, Management and Public Relations (SRIMPR) Division of the Ministry of Education. The total number of schools were 716.

[Click here to see the full list. If you would like to download the pdf, right-click and select ‘save link as’]

2013 WASSCE- Top Senior High Schools

1. Mount Carmel Girls’ Senior High School (Brong Ahafo)- 100%
All the 56 candidates had between A1 and C6, giving the school a 100 per cent score.
2. Wesley Girls’ Senior High (Cape Coast)- 99.60%
41 out of the 744 candidates it presented for the exam had between A1 and C6
3. Tepa Senior High School- 99.55%
4. Koforidua Senior High Technical School- 99.39%
5. Kade Day Senior High Technical School- 99.34%
6. St. James Seminary- 99.29%
7. Adisadel College took- 99.05%
8. Maranatha Business SHS- 99.02%
9. St Francis Xavier Seminary- 98.99%
10. Ghana Lebanon Islamic SHS- 98.73%

11. St. Augustine’s College- 98.69%
12. Abetifi Presby SHS- 98.63%
13. Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS- 98.54%
14. St Roses SHS- 98.48%
15. Okomfo Anokye SHS- 98.41%
16. Islamic Girls’ SHS- 98.32%
17. Holy Child SHS- 98.18 %
18. St. John’s SHS- 97.94%
19. Serwaa Kesse Girls’ SHS- 97.77%
20. Opoku Ware SHS- 97.69%
Mfantsipim- 39th, Aburi Girls’ SHS- 44th, Presbyterian Boys’ SHS- 52nd, Prempeh College- 54th, Accra Academy- 59th, Achimota School- 78th


To view the full list of the 2013 Senior High School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) Results league by position and school, Click here.


  1. i cant find my school in the list…

  2. i cant find st. thomas aquinas shs in the ranking…why?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beeb3 boys!!

  4. Why bishop herman college?????????

  5. PERSCO….is no where to be found. What is happening. Wow St Peter’s secondary school

  6. Anonymous says:

    i love gt.tess (tepa )

  7. Anonymous says:

    woooow grt oass al de way….wel done oass

    …..congrats APSEC!!!

  9. This is absurd. The first school registered just 57 students why wont they get 100 percent. These rankings should be done accurately

  10. Well done Augusco. Keep it up. Also try to bring our ladies up there

  11. I cant find West Africa senior high school amongst the rank.
    Can someone help me find their rank?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mmarima mma,mmarima mma,mmarima mma abusua kese. Kdua sec tech,luv u to the maximum.

  13. Rotation says:

    Keep it up … 2014 batch of Tepa shs

  14. Ali mohammed vasco says:

    The first school in ashanti … Great tess (tepa shs) all the way

  15. Rotation says:

    I am proud to be a formal student of tepa shs .

  16. Am proud to be a saint(St Johns school-sekondi)

  17. oh Admass

  18. Obed Kofi Adams says:

    where is Aduman shs

  19. please can you post the first hundred

  20. the saints all the way…i am really proud of my school. st. John’s school is indeed one of the best

  21. St. John’s school…the pride of the west

  22. wer z gsts mof mof…….de saints all de wae

  23. Mmarima mma all the way.proud to be a sectechcan.Kdua Sectech arise and shine

  24. Anonymous says:

    check from bottom

  25. Adisco . Good one one there

  26. i hv no aguement agaist dis…..no wondr much of d great skul pupils ddnt gain admission to tertiary……bcus marking ddnt go well…..dis rankin shows

  27. Anonymous says:

    mtcheew E8 THROUGH OUT is also 100%

  28. adu elvis says:

    if u don,t found your school.don,t mind every where is apoor.56 candidates easy to pass.simple and easy photocopy.

  29. Eeeeei so wer is mehisco….ds is not fair oo…at least show us haw u did da list….gh di333 evryfyn…corruption..

  30. eeeeeeeiiiiiii, where Accra High dey?

  31. KSTS all the best ..mmerima mma

  32. Anonymous says:

    Well done kass

  33. Dis is not true at all.hu did the ranking? How can 41 out of 744 student pass n get 99.60%. They r fake statiscians

  34. papa hak says:

    this is not the full list ooo. if you don’t have the full list, don’t caption ‘full list’.

  35. ebo joezy says:

    Adisco baako peh. Waaaaaat. Adey feel ma sch rufffffffff

  36. see oo,we re also de 5th best boys skuul in Gh. J Town 4 life…BIM

  37. samuel kuntu blankson(soccer raul) says:

    We are still among the best St.John’s school (sekondi) ……

  38. Sylvester yankson(school prefect 2014-2015) says:

    Yessssss dat is St.John’s school we are de best among Ghana top schools

  39. Anonymous says:

    al bcos of apo go to the north nd do real mowwing

  40. Where Padua dey oh chaale

  41. Mensah Yahooze Daniel says:

    I cant find New Edubiase senior high school among dis rank. Oh oh oh great NESS why ?

  42. undernet says:

    (kdua sec.tech) Mmarima mma Abusua kese.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO size…

  43. d.j.annan says:

    the saints preparing the way,aim higher
    apsaint well done
    johns plus porters the best

  44. delali dennis ( ratty ) says:

    Well done KSTS….. u make us proud. Ma senior bro who went to PERSCO is not going hear the end of this 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Mmarima Mma!!!

  45. Eric Mansro says:

    Awwww where wes – g ( emashi ) dey?

  46. piero denero aviero memero says:

    eeeeiii… where is St. Peter’s SHS? tweeaaaa. take your ranking. is PERSCO their co-equal? this is fake. still PERSCOBA..St. Peter’s paaaaaa…

  47. Anonymous says:

    Where is OKESS

  48. Anonymous says:

    Tessian all the way .tepa snr high dats my formal skuul .prempeh,owass are not co equak tweaaa

  49. Charlie schs abre says:

    Eeeei….wher ma sch dey

  50. David Viladaare says:

    nawaao, where dey nanssec? i’m not sure ds is a genuine leak table. thus why ghana always dey 3rd in corruption. atleast do ds genuinely, corruption come inside. hmmm.

  51. Where are the rest of the schools? I think all should be shown so we can see our positions and performance.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Is it st johns grammer or st johns school sekondi cos am confused

  53. Anonymous says:

    where dey pope john, persco and Njasco i cant find them why?

  54. Ohh Naa

  55. Boo this is fake 🙁


  57. Please if u cant find ur skuul, go to google search. Ooh Opoku ware school please sit up and learn hard.
    masa u for moow hard

  58. Dr.BLESSS says:

    oh! may God.Kade snr. high we are blessed…….KASSTECH all the way

  59. Natibongo says:

    GREAT KASSTECH keep it up men…… always keep the fire burning……… up up up OSABARIMA

  60. Anonymous says:

    Wow a be proud of ma sch … Dats Tepa shs …

  61. Anonymous says:

    I love Wey Gey Hey

  62. I am proud to be a ROSA…St. Roses…great job!

  63. chemicals says:

    oh dormass where are u
    better lak next time

  64. who did this ranking. This is soooo sily. How can you put ACHIMOTA SCHOOL 78. Ah. I will sue GES

  65. Anonymous says:

    ALLAH KADE DAY SHS, am proud of you guys.
    THE SILENCER!!!!!!!!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Kade Day SHS, ino be talk talk

  67. Holy Kiss says:

    Oh my God Tepa, I couldn’t imagine. Tepa non iz our co equal. Tepa all de way

  68. Holy Kiss says:

    Ah who iz KASS, hu iz OT , Akurase tena ma adwene mu bie. Tepa I luv it. Pls Tepa keep it up

  69. Anonymous says:

    St.johns da best..long live da saints

  70. Anonymous says:

    haha…#Adisadel foreva

  71. check the full list @ http://myjoyonline.com/docs/ 38735wassce_document.pdf

  72. Anonymous says:

    adisco u have size just give them sum

  73. isaac Abel Kotei says:

    Ooo chaley ano dey see ma enemies oooo(Krobo,persco,PJ,bot we,roses,meghis,gsts,sutesco….)mmarima mma all the way this skull dey kill meooo aswear I dey kill me oooo.mmarima Emma ARISE AND SHINE luv dis school watch for more

  74. all the 3b bois in ksts says:

    I no be say we dey rush, I no be say we dey talk, just be say the LEVEL we dey them no fit touch. this is frm the current 3b Bois in KSTS. We want to say thank u to waec

  75. Truth conquest, kuhis 4 life. Mmerante3 all the way. Kwasia! 32nd ey3 easy 4 the whole gh.

  76. Kumasi high school 4 u. Well done gentlemen. Bravo! Where be yr galz k gee?? Hahahhhah

  77. Am proud of being a kuhisian. Congrats mmerante3! Action

  78. Yang Zidok says:

    Viam parantez all the way. Gsts bounce 2 hell, hahahhhah proud 2 be a saint

  79. Where be yags, Louis nd others?
    Osei krom y dis year?

  80. Hanselle says:

    Where be almighty pope johns nd amass??? O! Sorry try nxt tym.

    Mmerante3 vim!

  81. Gsts u 4 mow. Shun the porterians nd learn. Apsaint hook-up.

    Bim bim 4 dat

  82. St johns dey talk o! 18 nd u are happy like dat hahahhhah gay guyz.

    Still team gsts

  83. The green shirt is working 4 the west. Saint 4 life.

  84. Where be boamponsem snr high nd Dunkwa sec tech school? O! Dunkwa hmmmmmmmmm

    Congrats oxford. Jof shirt 4 life

  85. Gsts where yr school dey? U be 1200th or what?????

    St john’s still vim

  86. Gsts shame 4 dising the saints, rebels.

    St James old boy speaks

  87. Oh! When The SAINTS go marching in. GSTS, you bore? You for mow. APSAINTS for Life.

  88. paa kwesi (APSU 2000) says:

    The league table produced in lieu of the 2013 SSCE exam results by our education officials is a shoddy exercise and makes no sense!
    2. Why? The test scores and Secondary School rankings need to be standardized by the student population sample and assigned grade weights. The fact that the Ministry of Education has utilized this crude methodology for some years now without anyone raising an eyebrow doesn’t mean it is right. Statistical procedures especially those which are used for comparative statistics and rankings should be based on standardized metrics of which the population size and score weights play a huge role in determining the level of inference.
    3. The issue of assigning weights and standardization by the student population size is VERY important. For example, of the 675 out of 744 Wesley Girls Senior High students and the 46 out of 56 Mount Carmel Girls’ Senior High students who had passes in 6 subjects from A1 to C6, wouldn’t it make more sense to assign probability weights using the median mark of A1 Excellent 75% – 100%; B2 Very Good 70% – 74%; B3 Good 65%- 69%; C4 Credit 60% – 64%; C5 Credit 55% – 59%; and C6 Credit 50% – 54% and then multiplying by the number of students in each category before summing across categories and finally dividing by the total number of students to arrive at a more composite score for each school? This, in my fickle mind, is more statistically sound than just the crude approach of bundling together all students who had 6 passes used by the Ministry.
    4. I produce below a simple estimation methodology which can be used by the Ministry of Education to immediately review these rankings. It can be adapted for future rankings. This is no different to what our universities use in computing our grade point average (GPA) or cumulative weighted averages (CWA). Cheers!

    Regards to all APSUNIANS…..perseverance conquers all….action nkotseeee

  89. Abdullah says:

    where can i find ISLAMIC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.Are we moving forward or standstill.

  90. asante collins says:

    i cant find my school in the list. OSINO PRESBY SNR HIGH SCH. WHY OSSEC. BY PUNISHA. GOD WILL MAKE IT

  91. Great OASHS wel done says:

    Am proud to be the 2013 batch of okomfo anokye shs

  92. felix Johnson says:

    St. John’s der best in der west.preparin der wae 4 students in der west…..j- town 4 eva ……. Der saint, beloved apostle….. VIAM PARANTES. APSAINT 4 eva

  93. Sherry Precaution says:

    Dis tin be jiave. we nani go gree.why Almighty BHC den OLA girls de.ahhh.BHOBUPOGA 4live SICUT MILLES CHRISTI

  94. the paa kwesi guy appears more statistically inclined than the ministry’s so called statisticians.
    You do not need a Bsc Stats to come up with this.

  95. nana baffour says:


  96. disciple says:

    hmmmmmmm; where is our belove MAWULI. Oooooh haviwoooooooooo

    i still love MAWULI

  97. Anonymous says:

    oh GOD, my skull mpass.

  98. Anonymous says:

    KSTS big ups Mmarima mma repn Koftown datz watsap

  99. kaakyire says:

    mmarima mma…all de way…bigups

  100. Anonymous says:


  101. love ma sch APSEC from TM 2013 yr

  102. kan-esuuri vitalis says:

    so good but can’t find NANDOM SHS ,yyyyy!

  103. I ll 4eva rep. St. James seminary
    Brong Ahafo s proud of you.

  104. What the f**k is this shit,hmmm bribery and corruption,st john’s guys should shout the f***k up,g.st.s is 100 times better than that u,long live g.s.t.s,we shall alway be the gaint of the west,this the first time st john’s have ever been ranked 😛 😎

  105. Phrancis ortis Mingle chickle tilter says:

    KSTS 4 real… We chnge gurlz 2 bois nd bois 2 men..MmArImA MmA!!

  106. oppong hadassah esther says:

    is it st johns grammar shs in achimota or st johns shs in tarkoradi

  107. oppong hadassah esther says:

    if u want the best business school,then look forward to st.johns grammar shs in achimota.GREAT JOHNSCO FOR REAL……..SERIOUUUUUS

  108. oppong hadassah esther says:


  109. justice dadzie says:

    Ooooohhhhhh Saint John’s is nt easy to complete saint John’s school I am proud to b an old saint keep d record 2015

  110. Anonymous says:

    ACHIMOTA paaa 78th:(………! Y???

  111. If u want to get 100 percent then dont use quantity but use quality

  112. Nana Sarpong Junior says:

    My school placed 458

  113. Anonymous says:

    We KASSTECH we are always the best

  114. micky-mauz says:

    ksts 4 real no size…!!!….

  115. ei Motown paaa ,78th position diz no bi tru koraa

  116. APaaaaaaaaaaaaadede says:

    Some dzimedzime skulls all dey talk. Ah MOTOWN forever

  117. Anonymous says:

    KASSTECH we dey be k3k3!.the fire is still BURNING.it cant be quenchout by any substance or anybody unless GOD!!

  118. Anonymous says:

    am proud of tepe shs

  119. Anonymous says:

    wel done okomfo anokye shs.we are proud of u.

  120. Debrah gabriel hammer 1 says:

    why did presby senior high adeiso didnt take part…………..oh yyyyyyy my skul presec adeiso.

  121. Kofi aidoo says:

    kwaabotwe waawe oo!! adisco wadi first gey hey wadi second! kwaaabotwe waawe oo.lukn at stats clearly it could be seen dat ideally,adisadel topped da schools.school papa baako p3!!

  122. Kyefulle says:

    The saint all the way

  123. from Godwin Asare says:

    Kasstech am proud of you. Ayekoooooooo keep the fire burning

  124. CORNER STONE says:

    i once said GREAT OASS has but a selfless and dedicated headmaster all potentials to be conspicuous among its coequals. Gratitude GREAT OASS, we are proud of you.

  125. XAVACANS all the way the home of WA the light of WA SAINT FRANCIS XAVIER all the way

  126. that is a great well done by ksts. 4th………! wow..
    Tanc to God.

  127. I m proud 2 be BESCO students

  128. Anonymous says:

    d@ wax wat am xpectin ….GR8T TEZZ students, we wish u allllllll de BEST….

  129. CJ SPARRO...a.k.a kumasi says:

    TEPA SHS…moy3 brutaaaaaaaa!!!! I hpe u ar starting de ORAL’s ryt??

  130. St.Johns! Beloved apostle! Be our guiiiiiiiiiiide! VIAM PARAAAAANTEEEES.. 😀 😀 The only Boys school in Gh… This year’s wassce will be massive. And to those deceiving themselves that its St.Johns Grammar,if you check,you guys are 254th.. You’re not even part of the game.. St.John’s School-Sekondi… 5th best boys school in Ghana 🙂 😀 😀

  131. CJ SPARRO...a.k.a kumasi says:

    Greetingz tu all TEPA SHS especially. de head master ..MR. ANARFI, MR. ABOAGYE DONKOR N DE STAFF MEMBERS …. TOKROM all de way,( OSIKI PAPAPAAAAA)

  132. viamparantes says:

    we r de best 4rm de west.

  133. great tess all dey way we thank god 2

  134. St Johns Grammar is 284th ooo…hahahaaaa! If you interested,you can download the whole thing.. St.John’s School,Sekondi! Boys of the west! The Saints! Hahahaaaaa.. We the best!

  135. CJ SPARRO...a.k.a kumasi says:

    Onero, richie,reinprint, maabaao, teacher kofi, Kirchhoff, Archie, Akantoooo, sokola,…nhyira nka mo…

  136. CJ SPARRO...a.k.a kumasi says:

    hellooooo! am TOSA of GR8T TESS 2013 academic yr..3C class, dey use tu cal me kumasi in class..apoh, justice, Richfrimps, Majid, inchaneh,Remix, young Prof, tayawn,vastro,foxy geeee,baafi (emerate), Hilda, Fakisto, mbui, angel gabi ,rap gee on M.I.C( ladies ladies ) n de rst. LUV U ALLLL..das Prosper for u…s33 h).. Enkasa sei, 3y3 straight ….

  137. THE SAINT says:

    THE SCHOOL is now ST.JOHNS no more botwe.cos u chop ermmmmmmmmm…

  138. This is definitely not true,how can presec be 52nd, the ranking must be done again


  140. Asare Godwin says:

    O yes! Kasstech has done it again
    Bravoooo keep th fire burning
    We are proud of you

  141. proud to be a saint….st.johns all de way

  142. oteng benzema says:

    mmerema.made bee keke………………….

  143. capuchyno says:

    i ‘m proud to be a saint.

  144. Ivan Schandorf says:

    I luv ma skul- K;dua sec-Tech. we the sec-techs learn by practice but those Guggisberg skuls only learn by reading and comprehension.let science/technology rule

  145. Agyapong Afreh Nelson says:

    Osabarima mma ,am proud to be a formal student of kade senior high /technical school.dwen mprenu

  146. humphery says:

    Where PJ dey , I beg tell me dis is not true

  147. Well done saint john’s u hve me de west proud

  148. UMAR ARIMIYA says:

    Great TESS the third school in the whole Ghana. Obinim a Obi kyer3 Ya fa babia.

  149. Ivorian kwadwo Asamoah says:

    …eiiiii persco paa is not. In this rankthen I don’t think is the correct one soo plz it must be done again coz am an old boy of st Peter’s

  150. What matters is the number of passes out of the overall and not the school’s total population…..Congrats to St. Francis Xavier jnr. seminary..! keep it up

  151. Lumen Splendeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. akes junior says:

    although we were 7th in Ghana n 2nd in central we managed to beat botwe,augusco,holico.that is santa 4 u.god bless our alma mater,hail hail hail adisco

  153. akes junior says:

    santa baako per

  154. watup the saint of western says:

    dnt wait for the best cos the best is from st. johns of the west. saint johns is the best school in ghana and wil alwaz be the best

  155. St waters says:

    St john’s skul iz de best in de west keep it up.Pull up j town bim bim.VIAM PARAAAAANTEES!!!!APSAINT 4EVA…

  156. Anonymous says:

    Oh grt tess, y3br333 ee…we rest not…3C class al de way..

  157. Anonymous says:

    Its not st johns grammar bt rather de only school in western region st.johns school sekondi so those confused beware.

  158. Anonymous says:

    Its st.johns school in tadi.de one in accra was placed 284th.u can check de full list if u doubt it

  159. Ohwwww ma dear school.st johns school sekondi.am proud to be an oldsaint nd a great member of de apasaints.the saints nd the potterians we r proud of u nd uv made western region proud.kudos to ya.
    note* de 18th position is nt st.johns grammar dat skul ws 284th u can verify frm de full list wich is a pdf file.so enuf of dis johnsco shit. Viam parentes

  160. Anonymous says:

    Shame on u bro weve been 16th before nd in de early 2000 we wer among best 10 in gh .no one is talkin of past glories here if so den de saints av more achievemnts dan u guys.jxt shut up nd mow hard giant of de west indeed.tweeeeeeaaaaaaaa

  161. Anonymous says:

    ampedu bonch bishop herman college u shld hav been among best 10 b4 bt u end up being in best 20

  162. Anonymous says:

    Kumasi High wats wrong

  163. alloytic says:

    im still proud of ma skul…..Abusco for realll

  164. willie_mac says:

    j_town 4 lyf…st. johns is de sch
    im a proud saint!!!

  165. Bennie mac says:

    Jay town all the way. Im proud to b a saint. St Johns St Johns I luv yu Brother Quaye

  166. Ayigbe Sherry says:

    Watz up GH,ai come spy de list now ino jorm me at all.dem shader do dis or wati. weda Bishop Herman College de mong or ino de mongooo we are still de best nd i’m proud 2b a BHOBU.bigout 2 all de BHOBUS up there.lets go 2014.ahhhhhhhhhh.

  167. Kemenyah says:

    Pls help me find these schools Ketasco,Spaco,Aborsco,Anyasco,Sogasco and Pope Johns

  168. eiii fake list paa nie…….opass sef no dey the list inside……..hmmmm

  169. Bannie Yaw Augustine says:

    Is not de end, if ur school not find seach google for JACOBU SENIOR HIGH TECH. SCHOOl come nd learn hard for ur As nd Bs.for more 0200335343 JASTECH ALWAYS VICTORY………..JASTECH DE BEST

  170. Inspector says:

    Jastech teachers keep it up………………u are de best especially tech. department led by Mr Kese nd Mr Kofi Yeboah a.k.a BODY

  171. Anonymous says:

    Longlive islamic Girls’ keep it up!

  172. jastech 2014 squard seeoooooooooo…2013 squard did better is ur turn yempe nhwenhwe anim biaoooooo..wish all de best..Jastech..jastech..jastech all de way keep on praying it shall be well……………….ASAMMARIMA NONO YEGYE MO DI…………

  173. Anonymous says:

    Suhum presec dats good motivation keep it up

  174. Elliott of Barnner Hills says:

    I will want to find out how many of the school that scored 100% student were able to meet the government universities admissions criteria.

  175. Queen sami says:

    We ar e best in e east with true knowledge and character

  176. Anonymous says:

    Sekyedumasi senior high school


  178. Proud 2 b a Tessian……Obi nnim a Obi Kyer3,,,,,,TyLJ!

  179. FRIMPONG says:

    mmrante3 keep it up

  180. FRIMPONG says:

    shame on u guys@ Amanfo)

  181. still vim to the immaculate boyz no shaking 2014 go be for u k.even lose hope still mariscans

  182. Brainstorm says:

    Eei Atsubeck, see where u place SMARTS, he must be sacked. SMARTS abr3.
    Watch u know is unnecessary fee charge.

  183. Phriction says:

    OWASS dey bee

  184. Young maxi says:

    2014 young maxi s.h.s wil be 1st

  185. colynx dolsey says:

    Well done st.johns school(the pride of the west)

  186. Anonymous says:

    Great k’dua Sec-Tech, mmarima mma….. Abusua kese…… Long live sec- tech


  188. Shadrack(hot.ice says:

    Please can someone help find the position of H’mount sinai day school???

  189. anonymous says:

    dis ranking is vry funny….if 2 schs, one registers abt a 1000 studnt nd all bt 1 passed nd e other sch registers only 50 nd get dem all passing u base on dis 2 judge e sch wit 50stdnts as beta dan e other wit a 1000…vry vry funny nd unintelligent dcision.

  190. Anonymous says:

    Twiaaaaaa, Alo papa bi na )mo atwa mo no. Big ups to THe ROYALS in accra. Azonto Ghost

  191. Anonymous says:

    Tweeeaaaaaaa, apuuuuuuuuuto) fake ranking

  192. Please check the whole results again and come again.

  193. bravo serwaa kesse girls’

  194. Bawsco, 1st April 2014 says:

    Gradually things are getting better for Bawku Senior High School. It can be better. Target the first 50 schools on the league table for the 2014 WASSCE. Kudos to our indefatigable Headmaster and his team. It shall be well. More Bawsco.

  195. James n.k says:

    What happen..?? Adisco but at list top 10 we ar counted

  196. Yaw Frimpong, (Obuo Ba for St. John's Sch, Y.F for Okomfo Anokye SHS, Wiamoase- Ashanti. says:

    It’s been greatly astonishing that both schools I attended attained 2nd in both Ashanti and Western Regions respectively. Thanks be to the Apostle St. John, the Almighty Father and Okomfo Anokye, the greatest of all gods upon whom his school took the second position in Ashanti. Am very proud to be enrolled in these schools. I plead on the government to provide all the facilities that the schools will need. Thanks for the tutors handwork especially Shugga, the Late Emenim, Benzzo, Mr. Edward Enin and others. Hoping this years anniversary will be gigantic and gargantuan to witness. 553300,663300…….. 5:300000000000pm.

  197. Yaw Frimpong, (Obuo Ba for St. John's Sch, Y.F for Okomfo Anokye SHS, Wiamoase- Ashanti. says:

    This pushed me to the great walls of both schools to to fill my belly with 8 bottles of Stone Strong Lager beer oooooooo, na waa ooooo.

  198. Anonymous says:

    Dat is Great tess for u. Tepa all d way

  199. Shadrack says:

    Hi……..My skull, H’mount sinai S.H.S (AKROPONG-AKWAPIM) we were 89th….. Thumbs ups! “sinaisco”

  200. SKOLA(2005-2008) says:

    Kade Day Sec Tech, we say, we do! 2014 candidates, we look up to. keep fire burning for the fame of KASTECH to keep reigning!
    Faith is everything, you yourself know that how much potential do you have but still there is one way to improve your abilities and that is your sincerity with your studies, if you have an ambition to pass exams , definitely you will pass it, Trust yourself.
    “Hail to thee o GREAT KASTECH”
    Something papapaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  201. SKOLA(2005-2008) says:

    where are those schools you keep mentioning of
    have they been granted casual live?
    are they preparing for the battle in the 20 yrs?
    soooo funny!
    KASTECH papapaaaaaa…..

  202. dz one de3333333 its a very big lie……….tweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  203. yagshs should be part of the first 10

  204. Nkwaynd3 SRC Rep 1.VALCO HALL-UCC says:

    Big ups tu de saints .de onli skul in westin.kip de fire ablaze.st johns school as de SAINTS-Nooo VAGA WAYA

  205. Anonymous says:

    ahhh bbshts placed 580?? Tweaaaaa,,,take ur stats and go. apuuuuu even mposec come pass us ……are they our coequal??

  206. nana poku jr says:

    presec back up this is not are position

  207. ertyui

  208. St. James Seminary senior high all the way…am proud of u guys…we will continue to shine aaa…biggups…AHOTEEFO) 4 real!!!


  210. Anonymous says:

    i wonder tepa snr high school tops ashanti hmmmm de universities have de truth

  211. john-mark says:

    unfortunaly, i cannot find some schools in the list. my school St. Pauls SHS Denu volta is not in the list.

  212. Cris N.A.Carter says:

    i am very dissapointed in New Abirem/Afosu Shs for thier possition in the ranking

  213. ChAeQk FAQTA says:

    Allah NAASS mo y3 tooooomucb

  214. All i need is my grade not de skull…. Still akwankyerefour

  215. Nkss u 4 bak up

  216. bernard nyamekye says:

    mount carmel passed with a few stdents yet they were placed at first postion what about the school that passed wth many students like abetifi presby secondary

  217. rapa tychii says:


  218. kobina gyesie says:

    i am blessed to be in st. hubert sem. shs

  219. shabosky says:

    wer is my skuul ghana sec tech sch.-gsts

  220. check bottom says:

    where dey ma sch, ofori panin

  221. where is opass

  222. PROF SEJ says:


  223. ohene stephen says:

    We the sahussains from St. Hubert S.H.S are happy for our results for ranking 4th n ashanti region

  224. Anonymous says:

    osei tutu all de wae

  225. jonathan barnes says:

    mfantsipim wrote wid 1,850 candidate and also had more A’s than mount camel so why 37th.

  226. st.john’s school de best………………………..

  227. robertson franklin says:

    from now onward if i am asleep and u wake me up, i will first shout GREAT APSEC…. U ARE MY STRENGTH…… HMMMM I dont want to talk much.
    first and for most my gratitude goes to miss charlote asaah asante and her staff for making the shool famous
    MOTHER APSEC we adore the fruits of your tree………. the 2013 squared thank you too

  228. fletcher leinberg says:


  229. Anonymous says:

    Fake ranking. P j.boys don’t worry time will tell.

  230. were is Bishop Herman College????

  231. Akuffo vital says:

    Eiiiii! ahisco paaaaa……

  232. oass all de way says:

    I’m proud to be okomfo anokye student. oass all. de way God bless Benzo .wise linking .

  233. Mim senior high school says:

    I cant find this school

  234. Michael Mintah Adams says:

    i am proud of my school ,st johns,although it came to a time we were amoñg the best three and we came down but now it seems we are coming up,keep it up,but br quaye,atsuga,and smartier advice doggman.bigg ups to all the saint.botwe where are you?

  235. Anonymous says:

    ohhhhhhhhh the mighty presecans whyy 52nd. I dont beliv it

  236. Anonymous says:

    Oh why?the great YESS no where to be found.please re-rank it again due to mechanical faulth to the who arranged it.

  237. ur dear past student says:

    hey krobo girls gud one there hoping to see a drastic improvement this year.

  238. peter frempong says:

    charlie wer dey ma skul great okuapemman senior high school………okuas.Waec u no force at all



  241. where are the tema schools

  242. Anonymous says:

    no size Abetifi presec BHIm!!!!!!

  243. danso williams says:

    OBOSS keep it up

  244. Anonymous says:

    p jjjjjjj watx wrong

  245. ino be true………..accra academy for dey first 5

  246. Anonymous says:

    Where. Is ketasco

  247. ohh….wherr iz ……KOSS…….y??????

  248. KOSS al de way>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  249. kan sum one lend me his or her lens?????? I DEY LUK FOR KASS

  250. next time ghanass can do better than this keep it up

  251. asodji amanor says:

    Where is Makrosec…. Awwwow my skul?

  252. nana ansah says:

    charle were PJ dey

  253. princess says:

    thumbs up 4 nodass,st.james,mount carmel nd k.sectech

  254. mhaibelle says:

    Opass we stil de bzt oooo weda dey lyk it or nt

  255. Anonymous says:

    i love Abetifi no size by beatrice boamah darpoh

  256. hmmmmm now that Abetifi come to reality first they were not in the system

  257. G

    waec staticians open your eyes ,how can OWASS be 20th .I LUV you owareans

  258. why 20th ,owass .I believe that the spirit of IMANUS will change the results in 2014
    greetings to all OWAREANS

  259. dnt forget GREAT ABUSCO

  260. Big ups to Ghana Lebanon senior high school ,Allah will always answer our prayers. im so proud of u guys

  261. Anonymous says:

    this be bullshit

  262. Amiteye rich says:

    makrosec will top many better schools in 2014.so God, help mkshs.we look up to you.amen!!

  263. datz geyhey 4 u

  264. ST.HESKEY says:

    J>TOWN(st.john’s no size-BRo.Quaye i dey Loy?

  265. DANIEL says:




  267. why no winnesec. ma boiz watin u dey do

  268. I am proud 2 be a SAINT VIAMPARANTES

  269. Anonymous says:

    Am proud 2 be a SAINT

  270. stephen says:

    I fink d tepas,perscobas,GSTS n porterians shud keep quiet n let da bosses talk.Bsids d fact that ur skuuls ddnt du u well dasnt mean z fake.
    Owareans u shown that d presecans,pcees n motownas r lil.Bigups

  271. Anonymous says:

    Hw can owass b 20th.Owareans must moo hard

  272. Amanfo) hope z nt lost

  273. Azameti emmanuel says:

    congrates to everybody. kade senior high skull, Bravo

  274. victor says:

    Shame on u @botwe

  275. Anonymous says:

    but where is augusco?

  276. francisca akorli says:

    St. Martins keep it up.

  277. lysosome says:

    Emmanuel snr high…….de best private sch in gh

  278. caleb mensah says:

    aquinas do well next time

  279. Anonymous says:

    Sia Apsec Dey Der Den Persco No Dey Mong…Tweeaaaa…Y Da Skuls Der Re Dey Persco’s Co-equals…..

  280. Anonymous says:

    Apsec Paaaa…Tweeaaaaa…..Apuuut))))))))))…..

  281. Addo vincent says:

    I can’t found akro senior high/technical school. why?

  282. Jesking Boateng says:

    What can i say the ranking is the ranking as to how my school was 59th i don’t know but we are not making the same mistake again . LONG LIVE ACCRA ACADEMY
    ACCRA ACA BLEOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Shame on those with “fake” grades there’s life after wassce

  283. fedelix says:

    J- town jah bless gsts shame on u.

  284. hayford says:

    i cant find my school in the list yyy

  285. hayford says:

    my school is better than some schools in gh

  286. hayford says:

    suhum senior high technical(sutesco)

  287. Atakpa Williams says:

    Why all these but not Mpaninfo) hmmm ibi fake list ampa OPASS yentie obiaa. B an Opassian wai!!!

  288. Courage says:

    I knw vasec will come on top one day

  289. Anonymous says:

    St.John’s why 18th position,bad performance b’cos dis schools mentioned above is not our co-equal.

  290. BISHOP HERMAN COLLEGE,why 23RD position?Better performance next time,Which school can be compared here.WELL DONE SICUT MILES CHRISTI.Long live B.H.C THE HILL OF KNOWLEGE

  291. Kpando ShS no shaking God with us all

  292. Honourable Obonto (2004 yr group) says:

    This my school, and I’m very proud to be an APSECAN. Yes! Yes!! We’re called the fruits of your tree. We uphold your good name forever. 2013, Congrats!

  293. shadrack says:

    i cannot find okuapemmam

  294. am proud to be a beacon of da east ghanass keep it up

  295. jennifer says:

    ohhhhhhhhh where can i find my school akwamusec

  296. eugenia says:

    krobo is shining OH YES

  297. Where aggrey memorial dey

  298. Otoo memorial senior high, keep it up….

  299. Dackson says:

    Proud of de Eastern pearls[meghis]keep de fire blazing

  300. Nkz shs als b f best sch

  301. Benefit @0246784311 says:

    Ooh my boiz kuhis mmerantee action well done 10xx tu Mr M.O.Yeboah

  302. Benefit @0246784311 says:

    Oh gr8t Tess no size Tepa 4 real

  303. FIIFI BENTUM says:

    big ups ST JOHNS SCHOOL.. VIAM PARANTES. We were indeed preparing the way for better things to come. climp higher next year. PROUD OLD SAINT !!!

  304. how are the mighty fallen. anyway, nass hasn’t done badly at all.

  305. Y nt include ma xul, AGGREY MEM. SHS? Indeed, dis is fake ranking. says:

    Y nt include ma xul, AGGREY MEM. SHS? Indeed, dis is fake ranking

  306. Ummu Yabza says:

    aww Islamic Girls all the way.. am a proud student of IGSHS

  307. I love it. St. James no size. oo Susec where are u? you are not our coequal

  308. OBAA ESSIEN says:


  309. Anonymous says:

    hahaha wher is the gr8 dzolali?pls nd pls i jxt dnt wanna bliv dz

  310. Where p.j dey

  311. cudnt find persco yyyyyyyyyy….

  312. AM very happy today because me and my friend went to checked our 2014 waec result, some of our papers was so poor like English, , Physic and another subject than I was thinking about my result before my friend told me about Mr DESMOND how he help people to upgrade their wace result for than, also i saw many comment online talking about how Mr Desmond help than last year so i took Mr Desmond number on the internet and call he and he told me not to worry about it, that he will help us to upgrade our result and he also told us that we can check it the same today, wow, my fellow friends guess what happen as am writing this comment now all our papers has been upgrade am so happy for what mr DESMOND have just done for us sir, God bless you sir you will never lack favor If you know you have problem with your waec result and you don’t know what to do about it, all you need to do now is to contact Mr DESMOND with this number 08165915209 now before it get late oooooooooo

  313. Haha na serious ohh God help us

  314. Pple still can’t believe ma sch k.s.t.s made it 2 de first 5….wow de rowdy buoys…de santaklocians call us despanner buoys bub we don.t mind jux moving shout out to all students in 1e1 buoys n to Nancy guess I ve to save ma words

  315. mensah emmanuel says:

    i can’t odorgonno in this shs ranking

  316. amoah eric says:

    this cant be true, adisco adisco cant place 7th

  317. archimedes says:

    apsec here we gooooo.

  318. ma guyz did not really do well

  319. Amoateng seth ( rapturex ) arts two (2) says:


  320. Thanks to Mr Steve for helping me to upgrade my waec result, my result was really poor so I decided to call him, he told me what to do so I did and 2 days later my result was out and all my papers were very good’so I decided to say a very big thanks to him, if you need a helping hand in tense of upgrading or releasing of a withheld waec result is easy all you have to do is to call him on 07061089234.

  321. Emeka Eziuche says:

    I never believed in upgrading or releasing of waec withheld result in just 24 hours, i saw so many people praising Mr Andrew on the waec site i had to give it a try and i pick his number and called him and explained every thing to him in details after then i submitted my examination number to him and just today i was instructed to check back on the net which i did and the results which were held before is now released not only that all the papers were also ok.If you need the same help look no further just call Mr Andrew on 08152240666

  322. Anonymous says:

    how can’t find great hwisec.

  323. I’m proud of Juasec

  324. asiamah richard ansong says:

    well done mmarima mma koforidua sec/tec becos of dis i wil come to that school when i complete my bece @ 2014 thank you

  325. Thank st.johns keep it up

  326. Am proud to be an Adeisorian

  327. KASS here we gooo…… Am proud to be a KASS student……

  328. where is Ofori Panin{OPASS}

  329. owusu prince says:

    I think there is no sense in this ranking. For instance a school presence 50 students, 40 had all
    8 subjects, another school presents 1600 and 1200 had all 8 subject. On the ranking you will see the formal being first and the latter becoming last. It means that when a school present only one candidate and the person pass the all the 8 subject, that candidate’s school will be definitely be first. Non sense

  330. ABUSUAKESE says:


  331. solomon owusu says:

    What position did agogo state shs attained or placed

  332. kingsley sackey says:

    am very proud of ABETIFI PRESBY . keep it up.

  333. Mahama nuhu says:

    Mahama Nuhu,2016 candidate. may God bless Kasstech.

  334. Mahama nuhu says:

    All my school mate from Firm Foundation Academy(Accra) ,Kasstech would change your life for future so.may God bless you all


    OOOOOO God wer is ma school

  336. Anonymous says:

    ksts de gaints of de east

  337. Hello every body greetings to you all, My name is shola last year i wrote WAEC and all my papers where withheld of which i was already given admission into the university, I look around and think of what to do, I cried all day because i don’t want to stay at home for another one year.

    One day, i saw a post on the internet by one michael thanking Mr Mr johnson on how he helped him release and upgrade his result so i called the number that was on the post and Mr johnson the WAEC official told me not worry and stop crying that my problems are over that he will help me release my result which to my greatest surpprise my result was release and he also upgrade my Chemistry right now am very happy and thankful to Mr johnson and to the almighty God for leading me to my helper. so any candidate who have this same problems or want to upgrade his/her result should call Mr johnson on his number (08051264264)Thank you very much sir and God bless

  338. I really give thanks to Mr alex he help me to check and upgrade two of my subject biology and litterateur in English but the man ask me not to tell any body, but now i want to tell my fellow wace gce student who have problem in their result, they should contact MR alex for help intense they want to upgrade their wasce gce result they can contact him with this number 07032076032 now before it get late…

  339. I got my 2014/2015 withheld result released with the help of Mr alex a waec gce official who has always been helping candidate to release their result he release my result for me today and am so grateful to you sir God bless you. any body who needs help from Mr alex are to call him on his number 07032076032.

  340. 4rena 4 real says:


  341. Emma owusu says:

    Effisco u re on e 9th in ashanti reg nd 40th in Ghana…..EFFISCO I’m proud of u ,effiscans 4 real MPANIMFOO 4 lyf

  342. chelsea Osei sarfo says:

    Effisco-MPANIMFOO nd Great koss-ANUANOM u will continue to be e outstanding schools in e Ashanti reg……ANUANOM-MPANIMFOO dignity demands our name…..koss 4 real effisco 4 lyf

  343. lizzy Williams says:

    effisco all de way,our broda skuul koss bigups ANUANOM-MPANIMFOO 4 lyf Koss nd effisco we re proud of our selves

  344. I see y som of u can’t find ur scul..everytin shows dat u lack knowledge..der is a download link, jux download de full pdf nd search for ur f-ckn scul from de full list. Don’t u know wat pdf is? Mtcheeeww.beacon..shine.

  345. CALL MR KUNLE NOW 08060933128 says:

    I want to testify of the great help that was render to me by Mr kunle one of the waec officer..I contacted Mr Kunle when all my waec gce result was withheld, and when I called him he told me to get him all the requirement and within the period of 24hour my result was release and he also helped me to upgrade the once that my performance where very low..if you experiencing difficulty on your result or you wants to upgrade all your result contact Mr Kunle now on +2348060933128

    CALL HIM NOW 08060933128

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